YouTube Shorts Monetization Update 2021 | How to Get $100 to $10000 From Shorts?

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  • Post last modified:August 2021

YouTube has announced Monetization Update for YouTube Shorts and you will love this update. Because this update is good news for those who make shorts on YouTube, whether their channel is monetized or not, still they can now get $100 to $10,000 every month.

How can you get it, what will you have to do and what are the conditions, we are going to tell you today about all these.

If you make shorts on your channel, whether you have only a shorts channel or you have an old channel in which you upload both shorts and videos. Still, you can get a bonus in both these conditions.

You can get this bonus even if your channel is monetized or not, even if your watch time is 0. But for this YouTube has some conditions like

YouTube Shorts Fund Update August 2021 in Hindi

1. Those who should have uploaded any original shorts on their channel within the last 180 days i.e. 6 months can get this bonus.

2. Those Shorts should be Original, should not be against YouTube’s Community Guidelines. No matter how viral it becomes, if it does not follow YouTube’s community guidelines, then you are not eligible to get this.

3. No copyrighted material should be used. If you make any shorts using the camera of Shorts or use any audio using the create shorts button, it will not be considered as copyright.

4. Third-party apps should not be reuploaded. Like TikTok, Reels, Facebook, or anywhere else should not be picked up.

5. If there is a TV show or a movie clip and you have not made any changes to it as you have uploaded it, you will not be eligible to get the bonus.

6. The next condition is that your country should also be eligible for Shorts Fund. If you belong to a country that is not eligible for YouTube Shorts Fund, then you will not get the benefit of this update.

7. Your age should be 18+ because you will get this money in your AdSense account. If your age is less than 18 then you can also create AdSense in the name of your parents, you will not face any problem.

How do you get this money?

It does not matter anytime you have uploaded your Shorts, it does matter in which month it has gone viral. This money is going to start from August, let’s say your shorts go viral in July then you will be given $100 to $10,000 every month after seeing its performance.

YouTube has not yet clarified that how much money you will get if Shorts goes viral. If your shorts became viral in July, then you will get an email within the month of August between 8th to 10th. Inside this mail, you will be told how much bonus you have won. In that mail you will get the option of claim, first, you have to claim.

If your channel is already monetized then you will not face any problem, money will come in your AdSense as soon as you claim. But if your channel is not monetized then you have to claim first and then link an AdSense account with your channel. If you have an AdSense account then you can link it, otherwise, you can link it by creating a new account.

You will get that mail between the 8th to 10th, you have to claim by the 25th of the same month. If you do not claim then that bonus will expire and it will have to be done every month. Suppose if your shorts have gone viral in July, then you will get mail in August and if it does not go viral in July but in August, then it will be mailed in October.

In whichever month you will receive the claim mail, you have to make the claim by the 25th of the same month, otherwise, it will expire. The sooner you accept the claim, the sooner that money will be sent to the AdSense account.

If you are not associated with AdSense but with MCN, then you will get that money from MCN. You don’t need to worry at all.

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