Antim The Final Truth Movie Review

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Antim The Final Truth movie review, Salman Khan, this one name is enough to lift any film from the dark and take it among the people. Hate Him, love Him but You Can’t Ignore Him! This thing has become a fact. 

But the twist in the story is such that Sallu Bhai’s films have been popular for some time but are far away from the superhit category. Radhe, Dabangg 3, Race 3 fans will not even want to hear their names. 

But the only thing special about time is that it changes. This time Salman Khan has come back again with Blockbuster Film “Antim The Final Truth“. Antim The Final Truth, the film which actually stars Aayush Sharma but the film has been presented as Salman Khan’s film. 

Believe me, this comeback is damn perfect. The movie of the final looks the same as what wanted to be done to lift Sallu Bhai’s sinking career. 

The Salman Khan we love is back. The best part of the movie has been kept in the film natural. While retaining the Marathi flavor, the soul of the original film has not been tampered with at all. Nothing has been exaggerated in the name of action like in the Satyamev Jayate. 

Antim The Final Truth Movie Review

The Antim The Final Truth movie has finally been released in cinemas and those who were fans of Salman Khan were eagerly waiting for this movie. But those who are not such big fans of Salman Khan were also expecting a lot from this movie after watching the trailer.

This movie has now been released in cinemas. The first show was released last evening at 7:00 pm in Dubai. After watching it, I am now presenting a review of it and am going to tell you what you can expect from the Antim The Final Truth movie.

The total length of this movie is 2 hours 35 minutes. Let me also tell you here that this is an adaptation of a Marathi superhit film Mulshi Pattern. This time it has been created by Mahesh Manjrekar and it is a gangster drama movie, as you have also seen in its trailer. The plot of the Antim movie is quite intense and you get to see it in the very first scene.

Where Rahulya or Rahul in whose character Aayush Sharma is seen saving his father Satya from some land mafia people who want to grab their land. The impact of this incident is so much on Rahul that he transforms himself into a local gangster. When he is enhancing his gangster image, two people catch his eye at such a time.

On one side there is a big gangster Nanya Bhai (Upendra Limaye)of Pune and along with it, Rajveer Singh’s eyes are on the other side. In Rajveer Singh’s role, you will get to see Salman Khan, who is an inspector. You can see the local mafia cleaning the city using the brain instead of the hands.

After all, what happens in this movie, will Rajveer Singh be able to stop Rahulya or not? Or else there will be some such twists and turns in this movie that will completely turn this story. You have to watch this movie to know all this. 

But let me tell you what is good and bad in this movie and has it been able to live up to its expectations or not? First of all, I will talk about the plot of this movie, this is definitely a mass entertainer plot which immediately gets to work with no-nonsense type.

In the beginning, you get to see some such intense moments which set the tone of this movie. Mahesh Manjrekar, the creator of this gangster story, whom we have seen creating many gangster stories in the past. This time too, he has used the rural and urban areas of Maharashtra in such a good way and presented them in a very real way in front of you.

The character of Salman Khan’s Rajveer Singh, this time you are going to see No-Nonsense Cop. One who works with his mind more than with his hands. So if you are going to watch this movie with the expectation that you will see Salman Khan doing comedy like Chulbul Pandey, then you will not get to see this in this movie. 

This time his role is very serious, to the point and no-nonsense. The single liners you used to hear from Salman Khan, this time you will get to hear those single liners from the Aayush Sharma.

Because a lot of effort has been made here that Salman Khan should be restrained a little and Aayush Sharma should be given a chance to shine completely. With the single-liners that have been given to Aayush Sharma, he has tried very hard to shine himself with all the hard work. 

Talking about the character of Aayush Sharma or Rahulya, then Aayush Sharma has put a lot of spirit into his entire character. He has worked hard for this and you will definitely see that transformation in his body, in his body language, in his acting.

So whatever opportunity was given to him, he has used it to the fullest. When it comes to the overall screenplay and production quality of the movie, it is decent. But here you will see the story a little loose.

The story could have been better, but some such events have been put in this movie, due to which the story repeatedly derails from its track and also becomes slow. 

I will highlight in this that the love affair of Aayush and Mahima (Manda) was shown, there was no special need in it. Apart from this, four or five songs have also been forcefully inserted in it which was not needed in the story. Had there been some good editing here, then the length of this movie could have been a little shorter by definition.

Overall I think it is a decent movie and Salman Khan gets a new chance to revive himself after Radhe. In this movie, you will get action, masala, plot, seriousness, entertainment. In my opinion, this is a decent movie which I will rate it 3/5

You are that whenever you go to watch this movie don’t expect too much action from Salman Khan in it. Those who are fans of Salman Khan and those who are not fans of Salman Khan and find excuses to hate his movie, that too friends will definitely like to see a lot in this movie.

OTT Release

Talking about the OTT release of this movie, its rights are with Zee5. Zee5 had already said that it would be given a hybrid release. It will be released simultaneously on Cinema and Zee5.

But at such a time when the cinemas got open, this plan was changed and from the end, it has been released only in cinemas. This movie will be released on Zee5 in the second or third week of January. If this movie does not play so much in cinemas, then it may be released on OTT Platforms in the first week itself. 

Official Trailer of Antim: The Final Truth

You can watch the official trailer of Antim Movie of Salman Khan below directly.

Antim Movie Release Date:

Antim Movie Released on Today on 26 November 2021 In India


The Language of The Antim Movie Is Hindi

Did You Know?

Salman Khan and Ayush Sharma are relatives. Ayush Sharma is the husband of Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan.

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