Sofia Ansari Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth and More

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Today we will know about social media’s hottest influencer Sofia Ansari. Sofia is also a fitness model and dancer. Her bold look and dance steps have been attracting people a lot.

That’s why she became famous very fast on the internet. Sofia has two types of audience, one who loves and the other trolls her about clothes and looks. But whatever be the case, recently Sofia has gained a lot of fame on social media.

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Sofia Ansari Bio/Wiki

Real NameSofia Ansari
Age25 Years
Date of Birth30 April 1996
Famous ForTikTok and Reels
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer and Makeup Artis
Boyfriend/AffairsNow Known
HometownVadodara, Gujarat (or Mumbai)
Income2 to 5 Lakhs Per Month
Net Worth50 Lakhs Approx

Who Is Sofia Ansari?

Sofia Ansari is a social media influencer and the most popular TikTok and Reels star. Sofia Ansari’s full name is Sofia Shehla Ansari. He was born on 30 April 1996 in a middle-class family in Bengal. He is famous for her bold look and lip-syncs on Instagram Reels.

A few years after Sofia’s birth, she and her entire family shifted to Vadodara, Gujarat. Sofia’s father is Bengali and her mother is Bihari. That is why apart from the Hindi, and English languages, Sofia also has a good command of Bhojpuri and Bengali dialects.

Sofia was very fond of dancing since childhood and ever since she became young, she has been wanting to become a model.


Sofia did her early schooling from Bengal and the rest from Ryan International School in Vadodara. After schooling, Sofia has completed her graduation from Vadodara itself. Despite her passion for dance and being fashionable, Sofia has always been a good student in her studies.

During college studies, Sofia used to dance after coming back from her college. Sofia has not taken any professional training, she has learned dance by watching TV and the internet.

Early Life

After the completion of graduation, Sofia started her modeling. In the year 2018, Sofia, not with the intention of being famous, posted a video on Tik Tok for a time pass. His first video got some likes and comments which made him feel very good.

Then he posted more videos on Tik Tok. His videos were not going viral, but he kept getting motivation from comments, likes and some positive responses.

At the beginning of the year 2019, some of her videos became viral and from there she started becoming famous on Tiktok and the internet. In January of 2019, she completed 100K followers and after that, she started growing rapidly on Tiktok. He first completed 1 million then 2 million then 3 million and by the end of June 2020 he had 5 million Tik Tok followers.

She was fast becoming famous and her heaters and trollers were also increasing rapidly along with the fans. But Sofiya only saw the love of people. He always ignored wrong comments and negativity. But India banned TikTok by the Indian Government in June 2020.

That’s why Sofia’s videos stopped coming and her fame also remained limited on Instagram. Once Tik Tok was banned, all short video creators became sad. But soon many short video platforms were launched and Sofia started posting her videos on MX TakaTak.

He got a good response on TakaTak from the beginning and his videos went viral. Meanwhile, the Instagram Short video platform Reels was also launched. Sofia started posting her videos there too. Videos of Sofia’s bold look went on connecting people fast. But along with fame, a lot of roast videos were also made against him on YouTube. After which his number of haters increased further.

People started making dirty comments about his character and body parts. When all this became too much, Sofia became mentally disturbed. She says I make videos, if someone doesn’t like them then don’t follow me. But what is the need of so much hate and negativity?

After being mentally disturbed for some time, Sofia understood that such comments, roasters and trollers have to be ignored. The purpose of these people is clear to earn likes and views by hating. 

Sofia Ansari Social Media

Sofia’s fame grew from the roasters as well. Earlier she was famous only on Instagram and TakaTak, but the rosters made her famous on every platform of the internet.

Right now Sofia has almost 6.2 million followers on Instagram and 22 million followers on MX TakaTak. Apart from this, Sofia also has a YouTube channel on which she is not very active but keeps on posting videos. 

So friends, now let’s know that there are many more interesting things about,

Sofia has also worked in some music videos and many of her music videos are going to come in the future. Sofia says about the people that my character depends on the thinking of the people. My loved ones are with me, that is enough for me.

But when she became more upset with the negativity, then it was written that I have no right to live. Just because I’m a girl? What is the use of “save daughter, educate daughter”? When the daughter starts living her life, she is not seen by some people. Apart from this, he wrote a lot.

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Sofia Ansari Hobbies

Talking about Sofia’s hobbies, she likes dancing, traveling, painting, acting and wearing fashionable clothes. Although Sofia wants to tour the world, her favorite city is Paris, where she wants to go first. 

Sofia is soon going to shift from Vadodara to Mumbai. She tells the secret of her fitness and glowing skin that she takes a very controlled diet, drinks a lot of water, along with good sleep and exercise.

Sofia’s favorite Bollywood actor is Shahrukh Khan and her favorite Bollywood actress is Priyanka Chopra. Sofia is so fond of dance that she also participates in Garba dance during Navratri in Gujarat. For Sofia, the most important thing in her life is her family and her friends. 

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