Jaani (Punjabi Songwriter): Biography, Age, Height, Family, Wiki, Net Worth, and More

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Rajiv Kumar known professionally as Jaani, is a famous Indian lyricist and music composer who is famous for his Punjabi and Hindi songs. Jaani was born on 25 May 1989 in Giddarbaha, a village near Bathinda, Punjab, India. He has made his mark by giving superhit songs like “Naah”, “Kya Baat Ay”, “Pachtaoge”, “Filhall”, “Titliaan”, “Baarish Ki Jaaye” and “Filhaal2 Mohabbat”.

Jaani Punjabi Lyricist or Songwriter


Jaani (Punjabi Songwriter) Bio/Wiki

Real NameJaani Jhon
NicknameRajiv Kumar
Age (As of 2024)34
Date of Birth25 May 1989
Birth PlaceGiddarbaha, Punjab, India
ProfessionComposer, Lyricist
EducationGraduate, Diploma In Hotel Management
CollegeRayat Bahra University, Mohali, Punjab
Girlfriend/AffairNeha Chauhan
Height5 Feet 8 Inches (173m)
Weight66 kg
FamilyFather, Mother, Sister

Jaani Early Life and Education

In his family, apart from her and her parents, he also has a sister. He completed his schooling at SSD Memorial School in Gidderbaha. He did not feel like studying at all, he did not like to study at all.

By any means, he wanted to get rid of her studies. Jaani says that once he had run away from school to watch a movie. When he came to know about this evil in school, he got punished for 3 days in school for this evil.

Jaani had no regrets about being beaten up in school, he was happy to watch movies. Time passed like this and hecompleted her schooling and growing up, he also started taking a little interest in her studies. 

After completing his schooling, Jaani completed his graduation from Riot Bahra University and after graduation, he also did a course in hotel management. He had the talent to write, but then he did not recognize his talent. He used to write poetry in his college, but the aim was to impress girls with Poetry.

His words were really very effective, so girls used to be impressed by him. Jaani says that during college, he fell deeply in love with a girl, but that relationship did not last long. Apart from him, he says that he had fallen in love with a girl once again, but that relationship did not last long.

After completing her graduation, Jaani decided to try IELTS. He gave his exam, he failed, secondly, Jaani gave the exam again and he failed again. But for the third time, he passed this exam. He was about to go to Australia after 1 month. 

In those days, Hardy Sandhu had composed a song called Tequila Shot but after writing the song, he himself did not like its lyrics. Hardy Sandhu told about this to a friend who knew Jaani. He also knew that if anyone can improve it, then he is Jaani, which means he also understood Jaani’s talent.

That friend called Jaani, at that time he was going somewhere by bus. That friend told about Hardy Sandhu’s song on the phone itself. While sitting in the bus, Jaani said, tell me the lyrics of the song, then narrate the lyrics of the song to him.

Hearing the lyrics, Jaani told him where and what need to fix. The phone was on speaker so Hardy Sandhu was also listening and he was surprised to see that this guy sitting in the bus is doing the song exactly as he had already thought of it.

Jaani changed the lyrics from many places, after which the song Hardy Sandhu started liking the song and even after its release, people started liking this song. After making this song, Hardy Sandhu and Jaani became well known but he was not get any benefit from it. Because at that time Hardy Sandhu himself was a struggler. 

After writing Tequila Shot Song for Hardy Sandhu, Jaani realized that he could be a good songwriter too. Then he wrote a song called Sant Sipahi which was a devotional song.

This song was released on a local channel and the song was heard a lot in the local itself. Jaani’s first professional lyrics song was “Soch ” which came in the year 2012 and was also a huge hit.

So let’s know the story behind Soch Song. 

Jaani Career

A few days after writing Sant Sipahi Song, a friend of Jaani broke up with his girlfriend. After the breakup, both of them were very sad when they told this thing to Jaani, then he said that let’s all three people sit and talk somewhere.

Jaani pays attention to the girl’s words while patching up both of them and this makes them realize that the girl loves the boy very much. After this Jaani told his friend that the love of this girl is beyond your thinking. You don’t understand how much she loves you. He noticed a line beyond her (i.e Soch Se Pare) own spoken thought and she kept quiet and started thinking about the same line.

He was thinking that what line he have spoken, something must be written on it. Leaving his friend and his girlfriend arguing, Jaani left in the middle and then Jaani wrote the song Soch Se Pare. Then he went to Hardy Sandhu about this song, after which he called to B Praak.

At first, B Prak did not even pick up his phone, because B Prak was also considering Jaani as a struggler. When B Prak did not receive his’s call, Jaani massaged and said to B Prak, Paji, I have come to give you work, not to ask for work.

After that B Praak talked to Jaani because B Praak was also looking for a good project at that time. B Praak liked the song and agreed to work together. 

Then a few days later, when it was released as a song, it was a super hit. The song was sung by Hardy Sandhu, music by B Praak and lyrics by Jaani. At that time B Praak did not do singing, he used to give music only in songs. This song made these three artists very famous in the Punjabi Music Industry.

Arvindr Khaira acted as director in Soch Song. Now, these four together decided to make more songs together. Working as a team, Jaani gave many superhit and blockbuster songs. Like Joker, Backbone, Horn Blow, Naah, Yaar Na Milaya, Kya Baat Hai and many more.

In 2015, Jaani and B Praak together launched an album in which Tara sung by Ammy Virk, Ek Saal sung by Jassi Gill, and Na Ji Na sung by Hardy Sandhu were superhits. Jaani, because of his heart-touching lyrics, started getting many offers and within a few years, he also worked with every biggest artist of Punjab. 

Jaani uses her stage name in most of the songs, that is why he has got more fame. Jaani’s fans say that by mentioning Jaani’s name in the song gets a stamp on the song becoming a superhit. B Praak himself had not sung any song till the year 2017.

In the year 2017, B Praak started singing and since then the pair of these two became famous. After which Jaani got more fame. He believes that the one who can sing best by understanding the words of his songs deeply is singer B Praak. 

Popular Songs By Jaani

Most super hit songs written by Jaani are Soch, Joker, Ek Saal, Tara, Na Ji Na, Jaguar, All Black Horn Blow, Suicide, Backbone, Do You Know, Man Bhariya, Kismat, Bewafai, Na Haath Chumme, Kaun Hoyega, Kya Baat Hai, Pachtaoge, Akal, Dance Like, Star City, Butterfly, Baarish Ki Jaaye and Aaj Tak.

The way Jaani has earned a name in the Indian music industry, hardly anyone has been able to earn it. 

In the year 2016, the song Soch Na Sake from the movie Air Lift which was sung by Ajit Singh and Tulsi Kumar was inspired by Song Jaani’s Soch Song. In the year 2019, he redirected Na Song written by Jaani to B Praak.

The title of the song in this movie was Na Goriye which came in the voice of Hardy Sandhu. In the year 2019 itself, Jaani’s Mummy Nu Pasand Song came in the movie Jai Mummy Di, which had already been launched by Jaani under the name Jaani, the song was well-liked both times. 

Seeing the lyrics written by Jaani, it seems that he has a lot of experience. He says that he has been in a relationship and is not unaware of things like love breakups. But not all the words in his songs are his experience.

Jaani says that after seeing the story of others, he thinks as himself and from there these words are born. B Praak says that he has his own experience in the songs written by Jaani.

Jaani’s own feeling was there in Man Bharya Song which was B Praak’s singing debut. The lines in the song, “Agle Janam Vich Allah Mainu Tu Bana Ke Bheje Tenu Main Banake Bheje” are the words that someone had spoken to him during his college life. 

What Is The Real Name of Jaani?

The real name of jaani is Rajiv Kumar. He reveals his name after so long because he says that “I do not like my old name at all, but now I have a real name”. He says that there is a big difference between my real name and this life. His whole world changed as soon as he changed his name, he loves his known name very much. 

Jaani’s favorite song is from the movie Tere Liye Veer Zaara, with which he relates a lot. Apart from this, his favorite song is Tujhe Yaad Na Meri Aayi. His favorite movie is Akshay Kumar’s Namastey London. His favorite song written by himself is currently there and it has also been his biggest superhit song.

When Jaani was asked in the interview how he dealt with the breakup, he said, Sir, I write songs. Jaani wants to write a song for actor Salman Khan as well. It was reported in a report that Jaani had written her first song Kaabil which was never released. Apart from songs, like college life, Jaani is still fond of writing Poetry.

Punjabi singer Ammy Virk says that the era of people’s time is going on. Singers keep coming and going in Punjab but Jaani is a different artist. There is no match for him, he is different.

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