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Today we will know about the life of a singer who has earned a big name in the music industry in just a few of his songs. Yes, we are addressing the recently famous Punjabi singer Kaka.

Kaka’s 3 songs are being liked so much. Millions of short videos have been made on his songs on Instagram and YouTube. As you all have seen, Kaka’s color is black and this black color has now become special for him also because it makes him different from others.

It is true that he has won crores of hearts in a few months and in a few songs, but it is also true that he has faced many rejections in his life.

He himself says on Instagram that he was rejected for his idea, rejected for his voice, rejected in love proposals, rejected from many jobs, rejected because of face, rejected songs, rejected in competition, rejected in art, socially, mentally, emotionally, and his thinking was also rejected. 

Even after so many rejections, Kaka did not give up. Because singing is his passion and even after everyone’s refusal, he did not leave his passion.

Kaka (Punjabi Singer) Bio/Wiki

Real NameKaka
NicknameKaka Ji
Age27 Years
Date of Birth5 April 1994
Birthplace Patiala Punjab, India
Home TownChandu Majra, Patiala, Punjab
EducationB.Tech (Mechanical Eng)
Worked With (Labels)PB11Media
Haani Records
Yaarvelly Productions
Single Track Studio
Famous For His songs “Keh Len De”, “Temporary Pyar” and “Libaas”
GirlfriendNot Known
Marital StatusUnmarried
Monthly Income10 To 15 Lakhs
Net Worth$1.5 Million (INR 11.27 Crores Approx)

Who Is Kaka?

Who is Kaka?

Kaka is a Punjabi Singer, Song Writer, and Composer. Kaka is known for his blockbuster songs such as “Keh Len De”, “Temporary Pyar” and “Libaas”. These are the songs that have given him recognition in the music industry. Kaka was born on 23 February 1994 in a small village of Patiala Punjab in a lower-middle-class family.

Kaka Family

There are currently 6 people in Kaka’s family, apart from his mother and father, he also has an elder brother who is married. Kaka’s father is a mistry ( House Maker) by profession who does masonry work in houses and Kaka’s elder brother also does a private job.

Father NameRaj (Mason)
Kaka (Punjabi Singer) AGE, Biography, Family, Career, Wiki & Bio
Mother NameNot Known
Kaka Ji (Punjabi Singer) Biography, Age, Family, Education, Affairs & More
Brother NameNot Known
SisterDont Have Sister

Early Life

Knowing about Kaka’s qualifications, he did his early education from his village itself. After 10th, Kaka did a diploma and after doing a diploma he did B.Tech from Rajput College. When Kaka used to sing songs in his childhood, he used to get praise because of his voice.

That’s why singing first became his hobby and then became a passion. When he was in school, he used to sing songs in the annual functions held in the school. Kaka did not like to study much, yet he was good in his studies.

Kaka’s father tells that his elder brother used to study a lot, but Kaka did not study much. His father used to say that if your elder brother studies, you should also study. So Kaka used to say that you don’t force me to study, you just see my percentage.

In fact, Kaka used to study only for a short time but his percentage in school was high. School ended, he joined college, which he used to do singing in school, while he started doing it in college. He also started singing in college events. His father did not like his singing at all.

He used to think that Kaka was just wasting time in singing. If he just concentrates on his studies, then maybe he will become something. Kaka was not only fond of singing but he also used to write songs. After college, Kaka became an engineer.

After college, he started looking for jobs. Kaka wanted to launch his own songs from the very beginning but money was needed to launch the song and he knew this very well. When Kaka started looking for a job, he was rejected from many places because of his looks.


He got his first job in Chandigarh. Kaka has done many jobs, some in Chandigarh, some in Mohali. When he got some money by doing a job, he launched his first music album. This song came in the month of November 2019, whose title was Surma.

This song was composed by Kaka along with his friends. Although there was no special response from the people on this song, it can be said that his first song was not a success. After this, in March 2020, when there was a lockdown in the country, he left the job and came home.

Kaka’s father also tells that after the lockdown, Kaka used to stay in the upper room of the house. Where he used to sing with harmonium and also wrote songs.

Kaka wrote songs in those days, after writing a song, Kaka shot one of his songs away from his house and talked about launching his song to a local channel named Haani Records. The music company liked his song, so he agreed to launch the song. After this, on 25 October 2020, this song was launched whose title was “Kah Len De”, 

This song became viral as soon as it was released and became so viral as he himself did not expect. Within hours of its launch, the song reached the trending page of YouTube. This same song gave Kaka a big recognition. The song was released on Haani Records YouTube channel who sold this song to a Single Trek Studio.

In this way, this song is uploaded on two channels and together, more than 100 million views have come on both. A few days after Keh Len De, Kaka launched his two songs, “Teeji Seat” and “Libas” in which Libas became more viral than the first song.

Again this song reached the trending page on YouTube. A few days back Kaka had launched another song titled “Temporary Pyaar” like the two songs Keh Len De and Libas got the response and love of the people, the same Libas and Temporary Pyaar Song also got. 

Three of Kaka’s first six songs went on the trending page of YouTube, due to which he got a lot of fame within a few days. When the short video creators of Instagram and YouTube started making videos on Kaka’s song, Kaka’s voice reached every music lover in the country.

Soon he became a star in a few days. He started getting offers from many music companies, but he does not want to work with any company right now. He says that neither I sell my songs nor do I sing songs written by anyone.

Kaka is also fond of writing poetry, which he has to post as well. Including some he let his circumstances, he wrote to value “are saying about your benefits are carrying me around in chains looked at the door to see me off now kiss my paths”

It was when Kaka’s father did not want him to become a singer, but today when Kaka has become successful, people come to meet his father and take photos together and congratulate him. Due to this, his father and his family are very happy and are proud of their son.

When Kaka used to come home in lockdown, singing and writing lyrics, his father thought that Kaka was free. He has no work, that’s why he is doing all this to pass the time. When Kaka had launched his first song Kaha Len De, then his father had no idea.

When this song became viral and Kaka became famous, relatives called and told that Kaka has become a star. Kaka has become a big name in the Indian singer industry today. But he is not at all fascinated by this dazzling world, he just wants to lead a normal life.

Kaka fulfilled the dream of both him and his father. First, he became an engineer for the happiness of his father, then he started working on his dreams. Uncle God God Lord does not believe in all this, he is an atheist.

Kaka is very fond of working out, so his fitness is also good. He is a down-to-earth person who is very down-to-earth and simple. Kaka is also fond of traveling in beautiful places, drawing, photography, biking, and playing tennis. 

Kaka (Punjabi Singer) Body/Fitness

Kaka Song List

Song Record Label
Keh Len DeHaani Records
Temporary PyarYaarvelly Productions
Dhoor PendiYaarvelly Productions
Teeji SeatYaarvelly Productions
LibaasSingle Track Studio
Aashiq PuranaSingle Track Studio
NishaanStudio 7 Records
IgnoreGaana, SONOTEK
Viah Di KhabarSingle Track Studio

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