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Manoj Shukla who is better known for his stage name Manoj Muntashir. Manoj is a poet, screenwriter, dialog writer, lyricist and show presenter. He was born on 27 February 1976 in a Brahmin family in Gauriganj, a village in the Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh. He has written many songs like Teri Mitti, Galliyan, Tere Sang Yaara, Kaun Tujhe, Dil Meri Na Sune, Kaise Hua and Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahunga.

“जुते फटे पहन के आकाश पे चढ़े थे, सपने हमारे हर दम औकात से बड़े थे. सर काटने से पहले दुश्मन ने सर झुकाया जब देखा हम निहत्थे मैदान में खड़े थे”

Manoj Muntashir Bio/Wiki

manoj muntashir wiki/bio

“मोम रखा है मेरे सीने में यानी संगदिल ना बन सकूंगा मैं, तू मुझे छोड़ दे तुझे हक है तेरे काबिल ना बन सकूंगा मैं” 

Full NameManoj Muntashir
Real NameManoj Muntashir Shukla
Age45 Years
Date of Birth27 February 1976
Profession Poet, Screenwriter, Dialog Writer, Lyricist and Show Presenter
QualificationsGraduate (B.Sc 1994)
College NameUniversity of Allahabad
Cast Brahmin

Who Is Manoj Muntashir?

Manoj Muntashir

Manoj Muntashir is a poet, screenwriter, dialog writer, lyricist and show presenter. He was born on 27 February 1976 in a Brahmin family in Gauriganj, a village in the Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh.

His parents used to call Manoj affectionately Mannu. Manoj’s father’s name is Shiv Pratap Shukla who used to do farming and at the same time, he used to work as a pandit in marriages and worship.

Manoj says that his father still does this work. Manoj’s father had seen poverty to such an extent that sometimes he used to crave for food.

That is why when Manoj’s father managed the house properly with his hard work, he used to run the house in a great way.

Manoj’s father had a scooter, but when Manoj asked his father to ride a scooter, he refused. Manoj’s father used to tell the price of the scooter every time he asked for it.

One day Manoj angrily told his father that today you are not giving me your scooter, but one day if I do not drive you in a four-wheeler, then my name is not Manoj. 

Manoj’s father says that Manoj was very kind since he was young. Manoj’s mother used to give him pocket money of 5 rupees every day, which he often donated to beggars. 

manoj muntashir childhood
Manoj Muntashir childhood pic

“कोई फिर तेरी तरह प्यारा भी हो सकता है, इश्क जादू है यह दोबारा भी हो सकता है. आज दर पर रुका है तो बताएं ले ले, कल मुसाफिर तेरा आवारा भी हो सकता है”

Manoj Muntashir Family

He belongs to a Brahmin family. His father’s name is Shiv Pratap Shukla, who is a farmer. Along with this, he also works as a pandit in weddings and in worship.

manoj muntashir father
Shiv Pratap Shukla (father of Manoj Muntashir)

Manoj is the only son of his parents. If you look at his mother, then his mother is a teacher.

Manoj Muntashir Mother
(mother of Manoj Muntashir)

Manoj Muntashir is married and has a son. The wife name of Manoj Muntashir is Neelam Muntashir. Neelam is also a writer like Manoj Muntashir. You can see the picture of his wife below,

Manoj Muntashir Wife
Neelam Muntashir (wife of Manoj Muntashir)

As we have seen that Manoj also has a son and his name is Aru. You can also see the picture of Aru below,

Manoj Muntashir and his son Aru
Aru Muntashir (son of Manoj Muntashir)
Father NameShiv Pratap Shukla
Mother NameNot Known
Wife NameNeelam Muntashir
Children NameAaru


Manoj did his schooling from H.A.L School Korwa. Manoj was very good in studies and he was so fond of reading books that if he got something to eat in a paper, then after eating he did not throw that paper without reading it. One such day Manoj found a book kept at his house, this book was of the famous poet Ghalib’s poetry and ghazals.

This book was given to Manoj’s father by someone as a gift. When Manoj opened this book and tried to read it, Manoj did not understand the words written in it at all, because it was in the Urdu language. Manoj had heard many names of Ghalib’s poetry and that is why he wanted to understand them.

So then Manoj decided that he would learn the language in Urdu. After this Manoj bought an Urdu language learning book and from that one book he strengthened his Urdu. Manoj was good in studies till class 10th and his entire focus was on studies.

But after 10th Manoj got interested in writing and now his life goal has become to become a lyricist in Bollywood. When he told this to his parents, he did not like it at all. 

Manoj had taken science after 10th but you had changed his path. Now Manoj used to be on his own for many many hours and used to talk to himself.

In those days Manoj was also in love with a girl, their relationship lasted for 2 years. Manoj says that he had given a lot of love and time to that girl but one day Manoj came and said that my father does not like you.

That’s why we should end this relationship here, return my letters and my photos. Manoj explained to her for some time but the girl had made a firm intention, that’s why this relationship ended there.

Manoj was heartbroken by the breakup of this relationship but he kept his emotions under control and kept working on his dreams. 

“यह बहुत पुरानी बात नहीं जब मैं रोशन था जिंदा था, वह नूर था मेरे माथे पर की हर तारा शर्मिंदा था. घनघोर अंधेरे रोते हैं जिस चेहरे की वीरानी पर एक दिया सा जलता रहता था दिन-रात इसी पेशानी पर. तू मेरा सब कुछ ले जा बस मुझे वो पेशानी वापस दे, मैं तेरे खत लौटा दूंगा तू मेरी जान ही वापस दे”

Why Did Manoj Muntashir Change His Name?

manoj muntashir college look
Manoj at young age

In the year 1997, when Manoj was 21 years old, he became Muntashir from Manoj Shukla. Muntashir means scattered. He had heard the word Muntashir in a radio program and decided that now he would write Muntashir instead of Shukla in his surname.

When he told this to his parents, he got angry. They felt that Manoj was about to change his religion. Manoj told his father, “Father, I am not changing religion. According to a poet, the name Manoj Muntashir would sound very good. That’s why I changed my surname. His father did not understand anything about it, yet he said, “What can I do for you.

He told his father, give me 350 rupees, which is a ticket from Lucknow to Mumbai. Giving 700, Manoj’s father said, hope you will come back soon. Manoj now moves to Mumbai to fulfill his dreams. When Manoj reached Mumbai, he was completely unaware of everything in Mumbai. He searched for a few days, after which he was short of money.

Now Manoj was not able to even arrange for food every day and neither did he have any place to live. Manoj had started sleeping on the pavement with beggars. Manoj spent many nights on the footpath and then he did not even know how long this struggle would last for him.

But then one thing spoken by his father was motivating him very much. When his father used to take Manoj to the farm, he used to say that if the seed is sown, then one day a plant will definitely grow. 

“मैंने लहू के कतरे मिट्टी में बोए हैं खुशबू जहा भी है वो मेरी कर्जदार है, मैंने लहू के कतरे मिट्टी में बोए हैं खुशबू जहां भी है वह मेरी कर्जदार है. ए वक्त होगा एक दिन तेरा मेरा हिसाब मेरी जीत जाने कब से तुझपे उधार है” 

A script by Manoj was very much liked by Sony Entertainment and the same got Manoj his first job. He wrote this script for the show Kaun Banega Crorepati. Manoj says that when Amitabh Bachchan was reading the lines written by him, tears came out of his eyes.

The first show written by Manoj was a superhit, after which he wrote many more superhit shows. Like Jhalak Dikhhlaja, India’s Got Talent, Indian Idol, Saregamapa and many more. Manoj was getting a lot of work on TV, he was also earning lakhs of rupees from each show. But Manoj was not satisfied with all this at all.

He was still dreaming of becoming a lyricist. That’s why Manoj has now decided to leave TV, it was a big decision. Because then his TV career was going very well. But Manoj had a lot of faith in himself. A few years went on like this, then on day one, the song written by him was taken in the movie Ek Villain.

Galiyan Song was a huge hit, this song was the super hit song of 2014. After this, he kept on getting work and Manoj did not look back after this.

He wrote many hit songs like Teri Mitti, Kaun Tujhe, Sanu Ek Pal, Tera Hua, Kaun Hai Wo, Wajah Tum Ho, Dekha Hazaro Dafa, Mere Rashke Qamar and many more. Along with this, he has also written dialogues of many super hit movies. 

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Manoj has received the Best Lyricist award 5 times in 2015, 2 times in 2016 and 2 times in 2018. 

“जरा सी बात पर हर रस्म तोड़ आया था, जरा सी बात पर हर रस्म तोड़ आया था, दिल ए तबाह ने भी क्या मिज़ाज पाया था. माफ कर न सकी मेरी जिंदगी मुझको वह एक लम्हा कि मैं तुझ से तंग आया था”

Manoj’s wife’s name is Neelam Muntashir and Neelam is also a writer. Manoj also has a son named Aru. Manoj said angrily to his father that I will drive you in a four-wheeler and after being successful, Manoj showed what he had said.

He has bought more than a dozen vehicles, not 1 – 2 and has given them to his father. Manoj has a lot of respect for women in his heart and often writes for his mother.

Along with this, he also has a lot of knowledge of Vedas. Manoj says that every human being has a hidden talent. It is just necessary to carve that talent yourself. 

“कब तक आसमानों पर बैठकर विधाता आपकी तकदीर लिखता रहेगा, एक बार सिर्फ एक बार कलम अपने हाथ में लेकर देखिए. ना हमसफ़र से निकलेगा और न किसी हम नशी से निकलेगा हमारे पावं का कांटा हम ही से निकलेगा”

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