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Everyone is crazy about whose beautiful eyes and looks, who have recently won the title of Miss TakaTak. The one about whom we are going to see today is the hottest influencer, actor, and singer of social media whose name is Angel Rai

Today Angel Rai is becoming famous very fast on social media, but very few people know that Angel Rai is also a very good singer, she has sung a lot of songs. 

Everyone is crazy about his perfect figure and eyes, but do you know whether his eyes are fake or real and why did he leave the world of singing and travel to social media? So today we are going to tell you about all these. 

Angel Rai Wiki/Bio

Angel Rai
NameAngel Rai
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer
Famous ForHot Look & Songs
Boyfriend NameNot Know
Age25 Years
Date of Birth7 February 1996
Birth PlaceDelhi
Father NameSuraj Prakash Rai
Mother NameRita Rai

On 7 March 1996, a girl was born in Delhi, which we know today as Angel Rai. Angel Rai’s age is 25 years and her family consists of her mother, father and a younger brother. Angel Rai’s mother’s name is Rita Rai and she is an actress and also a fitness trainer. Maybe that’s why Angel Rai is so fit. 

Angel Rai
Angel Rai

You would be surprised to know that most of the videos that Angel shoots on social media are shot by her mother. His mother is very much focused on his career. He has a younger brother, whom you must have seen in his videos, who is seen with him in the reels. 

Talking about Angel’s education, he has done his initial studies in Delhi. Angel was very fond of singing since childhood, whose attention was given by her mother very well. She started learning singing from her childhood and when Angel was 14 years old she moved to Mumbai for her career. 

Angel rai currently lives in Malad, Mumbai. After coming to Mumbai, his mother used to take him for auditions from place to place but the selection was not happening anywhere. After that angel’s mother got an album song released which did not get any good response. 

In 2018, the angel did another album song in which he sang the song himself and also did the act himself. Although this time the song played well but she could not get the recognition that she wanted. She was active on social media but at that time an app came which changed the life of many people. One of them is also angel rai. 

Seeing people becoming famous on TikTok, he also thought why not make videos for me too. Initially, those videos were made but none of the videos were becoming viral. Earlier she used to make videos at home and do duets. It went on like this and one day he made a video in the costume of a teacher which became viral very fast. 

At that time people started recognizing him but also started trolling. People started commenting on his video that if there is such a hot teacher then why would we not like to go to school and college. 

Due to all these, angel rai won the title of Miss UC in IPL 2019. Also, he did a lot of album songs like Whatsapp Ka No, Ranjana. Along with this, the angel was also becoming famous very fast on TikTok. When he had 6.6 million followers on TikTok, then suddenly TikTok was banned by our government. 

Many people started questioning them that TikTok has become banned, what will you do now? But he did not give up and started putting videos on YouTube. Even today angel puts vlogs and lives streaming of PUBG on his channel. 

Angel rai has 192k subscribers on YouTube. If we talk about their social media, then it is very famous on social media too. At present, he has 6.6 million followers on Instagram and he has more than 20 million followers on MX TakaTak. 

Recently angel rai has won the title of miss TakaTak. 


Are Angel Rai’s eyes fake?

Angel Rai’s eyes are very beautiful, people are crazy about you. Some people even say that angel rai’s eyes are fake. But it is not so, yes, because her eyes are too long, she puts on lenses.

What is Angel Rai’s real name?

You will be surprised to know that angel rai’s name was not angel rai. Her name was Angelina rai, but when she became famous on TikTok, she changed her username from Angelina rai to angel rai.

Is Angel Rai Single? Does he have any boyfriend?

Yes, angel rai is currently single, she does not have a boyfriend. People ask him what kind of life partner he wants, then his answer is that “I do not have much demand, I just want him to understand me”.

Does Angel Rai like to play PUBG?

Yes, angel rai likes to play PUBG very much. 

Angel Rai

Does Angel Rai like to play FreeFire?

Yes, angel rai likes to play also FreeFire.

Angel Rai

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