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Today we are going to know about India’s biggest Gaming YouTuber. You read it right, today we are going to know about the Total Gaming YouTube channel as well as about its owner. Game lovers know the owner of Total Gaming by the name of Ajju Bhai.

In today’s time, the name that is searched by thousands of millions of people related to the most face revealed on the internet is the name of Ajju Bhai. Ajju Bhai has not revealed his face yet and neither are we going to reveal Ajju Bhai’s face today.

We do not want to mislead you at all, so if you are reading this article only and only for Ajju Bhai’s face reveal, then you can skip this article now. But if you are a fan of Ajju Bhai and you want to know about Ajju Bhai’s lifestyle and biography, then stay with us. 

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The YouTube channel that you watch i.e Total Gaming and whom you also know by the name of Ajju Bhai, his real name is Ajay (The real name of Ajju Bhai or the owner of Total Gaming is Ajay). But he is mostly known by the name of Ajju Bhai in the gaming community.

If we talk about Ajju Bhai’s profession, then let us tell you that Ajju Bhai, even after being such a big YouTuber, his YouTube is not full-time work. Ajju Bhai is a software engineer as well as a growth hacker.

Also, Ajju Bhai is not working on a single YouTube channel. Actually, Ajju Bhai has 5 different YouTube channels and all these channels are based on gaming niches. You can watch all the channels below with their links.

Ajju Bhai Bio/Wiki

total gaming or ajju bhai
Real BaneAjay
NicknameAjju Bhai (Ajju Bhai 94)
Age23 Years
Date of Birth1998
BirthplaceAhmedabad, Gujarat, India
HometownAhmedabad, Gujarat
ProfessionFreelncer and YouTuber
EducationDiploma (Com. Eng)
Free Fire ID451012596
Free Fire NameAjjubhai94
Famous ForGaming (Free Fire)
Monthly Income15 to 20 Lakhs
Annual IncomeINR 1.80 To 2.4 Crores
Net Worth$2 Million


Marital StatusUnmarried
AffairsNot Known
GirlfriendNot Known

Ajju Bhai Family

Father NameNot Revealed
Mother NameNot Revealed
Brother NameNot Revealed
Sister NameNot Revealed

Who Is Ajju Bhai? | Who Is The Owner of Total Gaming?

The owner of 5 YouTube channels including Total Gaming is Ajju Bhai aka Ajay. Total Gaming YouTube channel is the top gaming channel in India with 30.2 Million Subscribers. Ajju Bhai was born in 1998 and according to 2021, he is 23 years old. Let us tell you that Ajju Bhai was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the most beautiful and largest city of India.

In childhood, it was just like normal children going to school in the morning, coming back from school in the afternoon, playing games in the afternoon and studying for some time and going to sleep. Ajju Bhai has been very fond of reading books since childhood.

Growing up, he wanted to become a software engineer, so after completing school, he took admission to college to do a diploma in software engineering. But he was thinking of leaving that college and was wanting to leave his college because he wanted to do something different. He was not getting what he wanted in that college so he left his college.

But during the time Ajju Bhai was in college, he had acquired a very good knowledge of software development. Because of this, they did not need to work hard to get a job in a software company.

Ajju Bhai had said in one of his live streams that “I worked hard and made software that the software company liked very much, so they offered me a job in their company and I easily got a job in the software company. 

As you know, Ajju Bhai is India’s biggest gaming YouTuber and also he works in a software company. Perhaps you must be finding it a little different that despite having such a big YouTube channel, why do they do jobs.

Ajju Bhai can answer this question himself and if you want us to find the answer to this question for you, then definitely tell by commenting below. Also, you have to run your YouTube channel.

Once, Ajju Bhai had even made up his mind to leave the software company. But I don’t know why he didn’t think it appropriate to do so. 

YouTube Career

In the last year of 2017, when Ajju Bhai left college midway, he again made a U-turn in his life. They created two channels together in the year 2018 to upload gaming videos on YouTube. You will be surprised to know that Ajju Bhai had created both his channels on the same date, 9th October 2018.

Do you know why Ajju Bhai felt from the very beginning that he was going to do a lot on YouTube in the coming time? When Ajju Bhai had created his channel, he had thought that he would upload videos of Free Fire on his channel.

But at that time, PUBG used to be the most famous game in India which was very much in trend. But he started playing Free Fire at that time and had a lot of success. Right now Ajju Bhai plays games like Call of Duty, PUBG, Free Fire, and GTA5 on his channel and keeps posting his videos.

In 2019, the Free Fire team went to countries like Brazil and Indonesia. Ajju Bhai also got an invitation to accompany him, but due to his office work, he could not accompany him. 

YouTube Channel and Social Media Accounts

Ajju Bhai currently has 5 YouTube channels, 1 Total Gaming, which currently has 29.7 million subscribers. 2 Ajjubhai Gaming, which currently has 6.05 million subscribers. 3 Ajju Bhai, which has 588k subscribers.

4 TG Highlights, Which has 933k subscribers and the last one is TG Tournaments, which has almost 313k subscribers. Let us tell you that the last 3 YouTube channels have been created by Ajju Bhai in the year 2021. 

If you were thinking that Ajju Bhai would have stopped here, then it is not like that at all. The popularity of Ajju Bhai is so much that he has a lot of followers on other social media too.

Like Instagram has 3.1 million followers, Facebook has 4.7 million followers and Twitter also has more than 107k followers.

The links of all these accounts are given below, you can easily visit their profiles by clicking on the links.

Total Gaming (YouTube)Click Here
Ajjubhai Gaming (YouTube)Click Here
Ajju Bhai (YouTube)Click Here
TG Highlights (YouTube)Click Here
TG Tournament (YouTube)Click Here
InstagramClick Here
Facebook Click Here
TwitterClick Here

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

When Aju Bhai Is Going To Reveal His Face?

According to a QNA video of Ajju Bhai, he is going to do his face only after 2023 or after 2025, not before that

Is the voice that people hear in Ajju Bhai’s video is his real voice?

Ajju Bhai says that his voice in his video is his real voice. Many people find his voice fake but it is not so, he himself has told about this in one of his videos.

Why did Ajju Bhai start YouTube?

Ajju Bhai says that there was a boy in his office who used to play Free Fire. When they asked him which game this is, he replied that it is Free Fire. He did not have such a good mobile at that time so he started playing Free Fire on the computer.

They say that at that time there was a streamer by the name of JJ Bhai who used to stream Free Fire from his PC. When Ajju Bhai saw him playing live games, he also took the game on his PC and started playing. That’s how his YouTube started

Why does Ajju Bhai use the word Chimkandi more?

He says that he had heard this word somewhere and it has been printed in his mind since then. Ajju Bhai says that when he is playing a game, then if someone goes after him, then he can call him Chimkandi. Even if he kills that fellow, he can still speak Chimkandi. This is because his videos are also seen in the family.

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