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Transgender is a gender that people often distance themselves from. People are successful in doing this work because even the eunuchs start to realize that there is some deficiency in us.

We are not like the rest. But today we will know about a transgender who has refined his talent and presented it in front of the world that he too has the right to be equal. We are talking about Singer, Industrialist, Psychologist Sushant Divgikar. 

Who is Sushant Divgikar?

Sushant Divgikar

Sushant Divgikar is an Indian model, actor, singer, columnist, psychologist, motivational speaker, drag queen, pageant director, and video jockey. Sushant was born on 2 July 1990 in Bandra Mumbai Maharashtra. Sushant’s father’s name is Pradeep Krishnarao Divgikar and his mother’s name is Bharti Rao Divgikar. 

Sushant Divgikar Early Life and Education

Sushant has completed his master’s degree in Industrial and Psychology from Mumbai University. When Sushant was 13 years old, he used to go to his aunt’s house.

Auntie means that she was the mother of Sushant’s friend. That aunt used to watch a daily show Will and Grace, so the lead character in that series was gay.

Whenever Sushant used to watch that series, Sushant used to relate that character to himself. After which, Sushant used to feel very scared.

As Will and Grace used to come, Sushant used to run away from there. When Sushant used to run from there, that aunt used to think that every time the Will comes, why does he run away? When Aunty asked Sushant, Sushant did not answer anything.

Some time passed like this and gradually Sushant grew up. When he was 18 years old, Sushant’s father asked him Sushant are you gay?

So it came to Sushant’s mind that my family members have taught me never to lie in life. So can I not lie to my father? Then Sushant replied to his father Yes I am gay.

Then his father said OK to him very comfortably. Sushant was a bit surprised by this but he was very happy to know that his parents understood him.

This is a big deal because most of the parents are afraid of society and also ask their children to be imprisoned in the house.

He was very happy that his parents were with him. Sushant’s father told Sushant that you are good as you are and it is all up to you what you have to do.

You study in general and know about all these. Because those who are on the Internet to troll you for abusing you, the same Internet is also for getting information.

Since then, Sushant had decided that I too have equal rights. We should not do such work that we will only dance and sing.

We will also do something that will automatically change the behavior of the people. They will also be treated like humans.

Sushant Divgikar Career

Sushant’s voice is so sweet that if you listen to him in the mail or in the female, you will not find his voice less than any better singer.

When Sushant used to perform in the bar, many people used to tell him that you are educated, then why do you perform in the bar? In response, Sushant said that the respect I get here in the bar, I will not get even on any big stage.

Because people see me from a different perspective. But I love everything that is done about the art at the bar. For you, it will be a bar but for me, it is a temple. 

Sushant participated in Mr. Gay India 2014 contest in July 2014. He won the title of Mr. Gay World 2014 title. When Sushant was 18 years old, he did his first show.

He participated in Bigg Boss Season 8. After that, he started performing as a drag queen. He went there to give an interview. Many people used to pay for interviews to go there.

But there they took Sushant for free. Sushant created history by becoming the first drag queen in his drag queen avatar Rani Kohinoor. Even after going to International and Big Boss, Sushant got abused.

He says that when half of the generals and advisors of King Maharaja’s palace were transgender, then half of us were like God.

That is why even today our sisters are called to offer prayers in marriage. Sushant says we don’t care if people call us by whatever. Just talk to us with respect and treat us like human beings.

Sushant then participated in the singing reality show Saregamapa and also did more international singing competitions and dress competitions in Sushant.

Sushant further acted in television shows as well and worked with several major broadcasts.

Sushant loves to sing, wear new clothes, and dress up. Apart from Sushant Divgikar, Sushant is also known by the name of Rani Kohinoor.