Rohit Zinjurke Biography, Age, Income, Family, Wiki, Net Worth, and More

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Today we will know about the life and career of Rohit Zinjurke. How did he leave a small job to become a social media star?

Rohit has created a different fan base with his videos. If anyone makes a name on TikTok by mixing Attitude, Slow Motion, Expression, and Action, then it is Rohit.

Today Rohit Zinjurke is so famous, he is visible to everyone. But we will tell you how his life has been behind it.

Who is Rohit Zinjurke?

Rohit Zinjurke

Rohit Zinjurke is an Indian Social Media Influencer, Actor, and Fitness Model. Rohit was born on 9 April 1995 in Surat, Gujarat in a lower-middle-class family.

There are only three people in Rohit’s family. Rohit, his mother, and Rohit’s sister. Rohit’s sister’s name is Rohini Zinjurke. Rohini is currently studying in college.

Although there is a lot of love and understanding between Rohit and Rohini, Rohini often keeps irritating Rohit.

Due to this, there is a fight between the two of them. But the good thing about his sister is that she always comes first and says sorry. 

Rohit Zinjurke Wiki / Biography

Real NameRohit Zinjurke
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, YouTuber, Actor, and Fashion Model
Age26 Years
Date of Birth9 April 1995
BirthplaceSurat, Gujarat, India
Home TownSurat, Gujarat, India
Zodiac SignAries
School/CollegeNot Known
Marital Status   Unmarried
Net Worth $ 2 Million
Monthly EarningINR 10 to 20 Lakhs (Approx)

Rohit Zinjurke Family

Mother NameNot Known
Father NameNot Known
Brother NameNot Known
Sister NameRohini Zinjurke
SpouseNot Known
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Rohit Zinjurke’s Income and Net Worth

Monthly Income (Salary)INR 10 to 20 Lakhs (Approx)
Net Worth$ 2 Million
Net Worth In RupeesINR 15.80 Crores
Income SourceMusic Videos, Social Media, and YouTube

Rohit Zinjurke Early Life and Education

Rohit Rohit Zinjurke

Talking about Rohit’s father, he does not stay with him for a long time. Rohit’s father is always drunk. He never took responsibility for his children and family.

So Rohit’s mother separated from him with her children. Somewhere in Rohit’s success, his mother also had support. Rohit’s mother raised and taught her children while working by herself.

Rohit has done his schooling from a school in Surat. He was good at studies, but because of his family, his mind was disturbed a lot.

Rohit tells that he used to fall in love with every good girl in school. He said that once he had also given a letter to a girl. But there was no response from him.

Rohit decided to do a job after completing his 12th education. Because the condition of his house was not good. He started working as a salesman in a sari showroom in Surat.

While working, he also got a lot of business experience. Meaning he used to impress the customers a lot with his words. 

Rohit Zinjurke Career

While doing the job, in 2019, his friends showed him the video on TikTok. Rohit was very impressed after watching that video. Rohit also made up his mind to make a TikTok video.

But at that time he did not have a phone with a camera. Rohit somehow adjusted and bought a second-hand phone, whose camera was good.

He started making TikTok videos. Initially, he used to make mostly action and slow-motion videos.

His account had started growing but his TikTok ID was frozen. He continued to make videos even after the ID was frozen. But his videos were not going viral.

That’s why his mind started moving away from TikTok. After a few days, he stopped making videos a lot and started focusing on his job.

Rohit got the inspiration to make a video again when he once found a boy who asked him for a selfie. At that time he felt that I would leave a lot by leaving TikTok.

Then he created the second Tiktok ID in June 2019. His second video which was a slow-motion walk went viral. He crossed 100k followers in the first two or three videos.

He was starting to grow at great speed. But his new ID was also frozen by Tiktok. But this time Rohit and his friends had made up their mind not to give up. He was constantly uploading videos with good concepts.

After a few days, his account unfreezes on its own. After that many people started joining him fast. In November 2019, he completed 1 million followers on TikTok.

Then a few days later, on 16 January 2020, he completed his 2 million followers. His concept was so good it reached 2 million, so he was recognized by big creators.

Rohit Zinjurke and Nita Shilimkar Friendship Story 

Rohit Zinjurke and Nita Shilimkar

Rohit’s 1 million followers were just completed and one day he got a DM of Nita Shilimkar’s on Instagram. Nita was a big creator so Rohit could not believe his eyes.

He was on duty but to talk to Nita, He left by pretending to use the toilet. He talked to Nita on Instagram for about half an hour. They decided that they would make a video together.

Together with Nita, his videos started becoming more viral. While making videos together, they also started liking each other’s nature very much.

They not only started making videos together but also became good friends with each other. Rohit says that he finds a very good thing in Nita, no matter how many fights happen between him and Nita, Nita always comes first and says sorry.

He left the job after Rohit had 2 million followers. He says that I earn three times more from sponsorship than the job. At the same time, getting fame is a bigger thing than that.

Rohit started TikTok just for timepass. But when his videos went viral, he started getting interested and he started creating content from the hut.

Rohit worked for two to two and a half years at the showroom of Sari. Rohit has also started his own YouTube channel after getting his fame on Tiktok and Instagram.

Rohit loves his country very much and considers the Indian Army as a superhero. Rohit is very close to his mother as a friend. Rohit loves to spend time with his family and friends.

Talking about Rohit’s daily routine, he gets up early in the morning. Then do workouts then have breakfast. After that, think of the concept of the video and leave to shoot the video.

Rohit shoots four to five videos in a day. After that he has lunch and in the evening does a photoshoot for Instagram.

Rohit is very much inspired by actor Ranveer Singh. He wants to be like Ranveer Singh. He says like Ranveer has become an actor on his own, I also want to be something on my own.

Rohit is very down to earth, he meets fans as much as possible. Rohit says that it is common for famous personalities to be haters. But some of my haters are also very close friends of mine.

The best thing Rohit tells about himself is that he is a hard worker. Rohit is not in any relationship right now. But if he ever wants to go into a relationship, he would prefer to go with a girl like Nita.

Rohit’s favorite food is Butter Chicken. He also likes to travel with his friends. Rohit’s favorite destination is Manali.

Giving tips to the strugglers, Rohit says that if there is a trend on TikTok, make a video on it. But make your video a little different.

Although Rohit makes many types of videos, he likes to make action videos the most.

Many of Rohit’s fans also call him Danish Zehen. Rohit’s celebrity crush is Urvashi Rautela.

Rohit had a dream that he should buy a big house for himself and his family, which has also been fulfilled.