Johns Hopkins University: Ranking, Tuition & Fees Details

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Ranked 25th in the QS 2021 World University Rankings, Johns Hopkins University (JHU) is among the top 1% of universities in the world. Established in 1876, and located in Baltimore Maryland US.

JHU is a reputed private university which offers around 80 undergraduate courses and 130 graduate courses. In such a situation, the course you want to do may also be included in this list.

So it would be better that you definitely take information about this university. 

Johns Hopkins University is known for its research work and it is also the first research university in the US. Compared to any other educational institution in the US, this university invests more money in research.

Apart from research, the university is also a world leader in teaching.

Popular programs at JHU include BioEngineering, General Medicine, Neuroscience, Public Health, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Computer and Information Sciences.

Notable alumni of the university include US 28 President Woodrow Wilson, biologist and ecologist Rachel Carson, and Michael R. Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Radio.

The university has 4 campuses in Baltimore, Home Wood, East Baltimore, Peabody and Harbor East. Apart from these, Maryland also has Satellite Campus i.e Branch Campuses. There is also a Biotech Hub in the North of Washington DC. 

Divisions of JHU

The university has 10 divisions, you can see it below

  • The School of Advanced International Studies,
  • The ZanvylKrieger School of Arts and Science,
  • The Carey Business School,
  • The School of Education,
  • The Whiting School of Engineering,
  • The School of Medicine,
  • The School of Nursing,
  • The Peabody Institute,
  • The Bloomberg School of Public Health and Applied Physical Laboratory. 

Apart from the laboratory, there are 9 academy divisions, more than 24 thousand full-time and part-time students are enrolled. 3000 international students from 120 countries study here, which covers 20% of the total students.

Offering an Extensive Study, Abroad program, this university is present in more than 150 countries. In which names like Italy, Singapore, France and Argentina are included. 

Most of Johns Hopkins undergraduates study on the Homewood Campus, which covers over 140 acres.

Almost all undergraduates spend the first 2 years in the main campus residence hall. Here the ratio of faculty and students is 1:7, that is, there is 1 teacher for 7 students.

JHU also has 24 sports teams in which more than half of undergraduates participate. There are also more than 50 community service groups and this university provides a healthy, global environment to the students. 

Total Courses Provided by JHU

This university offers many courses to international students, which include 79 bachelor’s degree courses, 130 master’s courses, 76 doctoral programs, and 95 certificate programs.

You can also do an MBA online, part-time or full-time from here. Here you will also get the options of dual programs, such as MBA and MA, MBA and BSc, MBA and M.D.

The student retention rate of this university is 72% and the acceptance rate here is 30% i.e. if you have efforts for admission in this university. Have to put in a lot. 

How To Apply For JHU 

Admission to Undergraduate Program in JHU, you have to apply on the Qualification Application and Common Application Portal. Whereas for graduates there is a program application page. In this process, you will have to pay a $70 application fee for an undergraduate program. This fee will be $75 for the graduate program.

Admission to this university is done in the form of Regular Decision and Early Decision. 

That is, the application deadline for regular decision is January 4 and the applicants also have to submit the mid-year report in mid-February. There are two options for early decision, the application deadline for early decision first is November 2 and the notification date is December 11.

While the application deadline for Early Decision 2 is January 4 and the notification date is February 12. Both the early decision options are available for students who have a Johns Hopkins first-choice college and want to make an early decision on admission to this university.

Documents Required

You will need a lot of documents for admission such as

  • Official transcripts,
  • Secondary school reports,
  • Two teacher evolution,
  • SAT or ACT scores,
  • Language test scores,
  • Essays,
  • CV,
  • Letter of recommendation,
  • International Certification of Finance form and bank statement
  • Financial support documents

However, TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo English Test (DET) and Cambridge English exam are recommended for international applicants in English proficiency. Submitting this score is mandatory for students whose primary language is not English. Students who have not attended an English language school in the last three years are also required to submit these scores.

For Indian students, the TOEFL-iBT score should be 100 and the IELTS score should be 7. 

Fees Structure of JHU 

The annual tuition fee for the UG program of JHU University is approx $54000. The tuition fee for the PG program is almost $57000 and that of an MBA is approx $62000. In this, including facilities like matriculation fee, room and board, books, health insurance, this amount reaches around $72600 to $76700

Courses and Annual Fees of JHU 

CoursesAnnual Fees
Bachelor of Arts [BA] philosophy $55350
Bachelor of Arts[BA] International studies $55350
BSc Biology $55350
BA Chemistry $55350
BSc Civil Engineering $55350
MSc Data Science $55350
MSc Finance $71600
Master of Business Administration [MBA] $62500
MSc Cyber Security $23,775
Postgraduate Certificate Environmental Engineering and Science $4440
Postgraduate Certificate Science Writing $3251
Postgraduate Certificate Evidence-based Teaching In The Health Professions $7560
Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.]. Sociology $55350

So this university believes in enrolling the best students. The financial condition of the family doesn’t even matter for admission here. Because to pursue brilliant students, international students also get financial AID here. Which is in the form of Grands, Fellowship, Student Jobs and Scholarships.

About 54% of students get grants and the average grant received by first-year students is $48000. Scholarships like International Scholarship, Hertz Graduate Fellowship and Bionic Scholarship are available here.

About 88% of such facilities receive Hopkins grants whose income is less than 200000 USD i.e. $20000. JHU also organizes Annual Career Fairs for placements and the average annual salary of a JHU graduate is $86000. 

For the same MBA degree holder, this annual salary can be $126000, for master’s approx $112000 and Ph.D. $145000. 

For the same MBA degree holder, this annual salary can be $126000, for master’s approx $112000 and for Ph.D. $145000. 

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