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To live in this world, God has blessed all of us with some kind of talent. We earn online money through different sources. Becoming scientists, doctors, engineers, teachers, whatever profession we choose in the form of our talent.

Even those who have artistry like singing, dancing, painting become famous all over the world with their performance.

With the changing times, the forms of talent are also changed. In this golden era of social media, another talent is speaking loudly and that is the talent of Social Media Influencer i.e. Tiktokers, Youtubers, Instagrammers.

When it comes to Tiktokers, in today’s date, a name comes to our mind: Khaby Lame. A famous Social Media Influencer with the 2nd most followed person on Tik-Tok in the whole world.

Khaby Lame Biography

khaby lame lifestyle, Girlfriend, Wiki, Income, Age, City, Car Collections

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Khaby Lame Wiki/Bio

Full Name Khabane Lame
NicknameKhaby LAme
Profession TikToker, Social Media Influencer
Date of Birth 9 March 2000
Age (as of 2023)23 Years
BirthplaceSenegal, West Africa
Home TownChivasso, Italy
College/UniversityPrivate University in Chivasso, Italy
Education Graduate

Social Media Details

TikTok161 Million
Instagram81 Million
YouTube5 Million


Marital Status Unmarried
Khaby Girlfriend/wifeZaira Nucci

Early Life and Education

Before sharing many interesting facts about Khaby Lame, let me tell you that it is Tiktokar who has made a huge list of more than 161 million followers from Tik Tok videos from his videos in just 1 year time period. And today his net worth is $15 million

His full name is Khabane Lame and his nickname is Khaby. He was born on 9 March 2000 in West Africa Senegal, Later he went to Italy in connection with his studies. Khaby worked as a CNC machine operator before becoming a star.

Describing his nature, Khaby says that his nature to see and understand everything was completely different from the common people’s

This is the reason that when there was a flood of shows like Do it Yourself (DIY) on Tik Tok, they felt that what these people want to show by doing this.

Meaning that any work that can be done very easily, what is the need to waste time in a silly way. Then Khaby further says that once “I was watching a DIY video and when he was breaking the nut with his head”.

On the other hand, wearing something like an electric fan in his hands, started breaking nuts. So in the third scene, keeping the nut in the lunch box, he started breaking it by slamming it.

I laughed because why put so much effort into doing something that can be done in seconds with the help of a Nutcracker. Similarly, in a video of a girl using her teeth while peeling a cucumber, Khaby was surprised to show the peeler.

In one video, the girl was advised taping a fork spoon to eat cornflakes. 

While the simple spoon placed in front could also be raised. According to Khaby “I don’t understand whether DIY is a trick to make the work easy or complicated”.

Thus Khaby got the impression to make some such tik-tok videos which actually proved to be a tremendous sarcasm for this silly DIY. Also, this innovative idea doubled Khaby’s popularity by the day and quadruple the night.

The first Tik Tok video made on this new idea was uploaded in March 2020. Seeing the number of weavers, Khaby could not believe it. Then what was the increasing name and fame, he got the motivation and started uploading videos one after the other.

Every video was so hilarious and based on the latest idea that Khaby became known as the world’s tik-tok star in less time. In every video, he shows how people make their small tasks complicated, then uploading it on tik-tok and motivating others to do such silly acts.

He went on uploading his hilarious act full of fun and circus on his account @khaby.lame. When Khaby did all this, his aim was only humor and entertainment. But little did he know that his brilliant idea would attract such a huge number of followers.

Khaby himself says that he never expected that in just a few months the number of his followers would be in the millions. Inspired by his growing popularity, Khaby extended his reach to Instagram and there too his number of followers reached more than 80 million.

If Khaby ever talks about his parents etc., then let me tell you that Khaby is not in favor of sharing his personal details with anyone at all.

At the age of 21, Khaby’s thoughts are so firm that there is no answer. He believes that I am associated with my fans professionally and not personally.

That’s why I want all his attention to be only on my work and I want to see him always laughing. Due to these thoughts, to date, I have not shared my family details with anyone. But in today’s era, it is not possible to avoid media and social media. 

Khaby Family & Girlfriend

Just like this happened with Khaby too. Some media channels caught him enjoying with a very beautiful female friend in an amusement park club etc and captured him on camera.

Then what was it the next day there was a flood of questions on Khaby’s Insta Facebook etc? Every fan had only one question, who was she. He also told the details openly to the fans, without keeping this secret a secret for some time.

The name of Khaby Lames Girlfriend is Zaira. He is dating her for a long time and the interesting fact is that when people asked for information about his friend like where he is from, his parents, etc. So once again Khaby refused to share this detail and did not even tell how old this friendship is.

But yes, looking at their bonding and understanding, one can tell that this friendship is very old. Because seeing them it is clear that they are made for each other. 

Khaby Lame and his Girlfriend Zaira Nucci
Khaby Lame and his Girlfriend Zaira Nucci
Khaby Lame and his Girlfriend Zaira Nucci
Khaby Lame and his Girlfriend Zaira Nucci

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How Much Khaby Lame Earn Per Month?

Khaby Lame after getting such huge popularity, today a huge amount is also earning. Khaby Lame earns an average of $600,000 per month. Which he earns from TikTok, brand promotion and online store. In Indian rupees khaby earns about INR 5 crores per month.

How Much Does Khaby Lame Make Per Video?

Khaby charges $50,000 to $300,000 for single-brand promotion on TikTok. Recently khaby Promoted Facebook’s Metaverse with Mark Zuckerberg. This promotion video is available on the official Twitter handle of Meta. You can see this below directly

Recently khaby Promoted Facebook’s Metaverse with Mark Zuckerberg.

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Khaby Lame Net worth

According to 2023, Kyaby Lame’s estimated net worth is around $15 million US Doller. In Indian rupees, Khaby Lame Net worth is about INR 124 crores. This is just the estimated net worth of Khaby Lame.

Monthly Income/Salary (2023)INR 5 Crores (approx.)
Net Worth (2023)$15 Million
Net Worth In Rupees (2023)INR 124 Crores


Khaby recently bought 2 houses which are in Italy. He has bought a house for his family which is worth 4 crores.

He has bought another house which is worth 3 crores in which he and his girlfriend live. In his videos, you must have seen about his house. 

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Car Collection 

There is 4 brand new cars in Khaby Lame’s car collection,

  1. Jeep Compass
  2. Audi RS-5
  3. BMW X5
  4. Mercedes G Wagon
Car CollectionPrice
Jeep CompassINR 40 Lakhs
Audi RS-5 INR 1.04 Crore
BMW X5 INR 76.50 lakhs
Mercedes G Wagon INR 1.64 Crore

His first car being the Mercedes G Wagon which costs INR 1.64 Crore

Khaby owns an Audi RS-5 which costs INR 1.04 Crore

Apart from this, Khaby also owns a Jeep Compass which costs INR 40 lakhs

Apart from this, Khaby also owns a BMW X5 which costs INR 76.50 lakhs

Is Khaby Lame Rich?

Yes, Khaby Lame is very rich. Khaby’s net worth is $15 million.

How Tall Is Khaby Lame?

Khabay’s height is 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm).

Is Khaby Lame Italian?

Actually Not, Khaby came to Italy for his study. Khaby’s Nationality is Senegalese, West Africa.

How many cars does Khabay have?

Khaby owns 4 cars, 1) Jeep Compass, 2)Audi RS5, 3)BMW X5 and 4) Mercedes G Wagon.

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