Ahrefs Search Engine? Is Ahrefs Search Engine Share 90% of Revenue?

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Dmitry Gerasimenko, the founder of the world’s most popular SEO tool Ahrefs, has announced on Twitter that he is going to launch Ahrefs search engine soon.

Dmitry has also shared a screenshot which is probably its own search engine results page of Ahrefs. Ahrefs has been working on its search engine for about 2 years and he himself has given a lot of information about this search engine through Twitter.

So today let’s discuss about this upcoming search engine. What will be its specialty and what are the problem points.

Ahrefs Search Engine

It is very important to discuss this news because,

  • The search engine is not a small thing that everyone can develop.

Ahrefs is a very popular and useful tool in the SEO industry. Whatever reports and guides Ahrefs does, research, the content they provide for SEO professionals is very useful in video and text format. Not only this, all this information is absolutely free.

  • Many people say that a new search engine should come to compete with Google.

It is very important to address such comments. Tim Soulo’s bio has a line “can’t be that you’re doing SEO and haven’t heard of us”. Tim is the CMO of Ahrefs and this line of his bio is also true.

The first announcement about the search engine was made by Dmitry, the founder of Ahrefs, on 27 March 2019. Dmitry pays a little attention to some points in his tweets,

Is Ahrefs Building Search Engine To Compete Google?

Yes, According to Dmitry Ahrefs is building its search engine to compete with today’s largest and most popular search engine Google. You heard it right, Ahrefs has said something similar.

There is a need to pay attention to this because other companies do not directly take the name of the competing company while launching their product.

Problems Of Google

According to Ahrefs, Google has two problems that they want to solve.

  • Privacy
  • Profit-Sharing

In this tweet, Dmitry has not told much about privacy but has said very important things about profit sharing.

  • According to Dmitry, Google should share 90% of its revenue with website owners and keep only 10% for itself. They believe that when Google shares revenue with content creators on YouTube, why doesn’t Google do the same on search engines.
  • Dmitry also says that the featured snippets that appear on the Google search results page belong to one of the other websites and do not benefit the website owner.

All these points were in that tweet thread. But in some more tweets on 18 June 2021, in those tweets Dmitry has added some points.

  • The search engine of Ahrefs will share 90% of the revenue with the content creators and will keep only 10%.
  • They believe that if the content creators raise their voice against the oppression of Google, then Google’s business may slow down.
  • According to Dmitry, the content creator has his own followers, who will follow the content creator on any search engine. With the advent of a new search engine, either Google will be forced to share its revenue with these content creators or Google’s market share will end.

We like all these points of Ahrefs very well, but in this search engine we see so many teasers that it should be named ‘Chhedi Singh’.

Imagine that the founder of Ahrefs who helps SEO’s to optimize their websites for search engines worldwide forgot one basic thing.

The search engine does not depends on the content creators or website owners, but on the users who search. While reading the retweet of Dmitry’s tweet, we noticed a few things, if you have also read these tweets then you must have also noticed.

Will Ahrefs be Able To Give Us 90% Revenue Share?

Content creators are quite happy with a 90% revenue share. Who does not like to have more income? But where will this income come from, 90% of which will be given to the creators?

Meaning the division of income will happen when people use this search engine and advertisers will give ads to sell their goods for the users of that search engine.

But why would people use this Ahrefs search engine? Ahrefs is a well-known name for you and the SEO community, but once you tell its name to a person who does not do SEO, he never heard this name.

The default search engine on Chrome browser is Google, not only, but Google is also the default search engine on Firefox, Safari, Android, iOS, and Mac. Google pays a lot of money to all of them so that it keeps the default search engine Google in its product.

The market share of Chrome browsers is around 64%, that of Safari is 18%. Including both, Google covers 82% of the market like this too.

Ahrefs can’t buy 18% of Safari because Apple is going to launch its own search engine. Microsoft Edge and internet explorer together capture 4.5% and that too can’t buy Ahrefs because they can’t close their search engine Bing.

Remai8 10% which is divided between Opera, Samsung, and Firefox. Firefox also keeps the default search Google by taking billions of dollars from Google.

What are Features Ahrefs Will Providing That Google Doesn’t?

What will Ahrefs give to the user that Google is not giving? Better Search Results, Google is already providing the search results in milliseconds. Ahrefs can compete with Google in search quality if Ahrefs can give more accurate search results than Google.

Its chances are very less because Google, being Google, attracts much better talent. Google has better technology, better infrastructure, due to which it is number one in search technology.

But it may be that Ahrefs has made a better technology than Google which can give better search results than Google. Maybe Google has missed an idea, maybe Ahrefs has a genius software engineer who has created something miraculous.

Even if it is made, it will take a couple of years for this miracle to reach the people, in which time Google will either develop better technology than that or will buy Ahrefs itself. This is a matter of market share and users, but there is another glitch in Ahrefs’ plan that is content creators. let’s see it too

Google Spam Filter

We all know that there are 99 people behind the blogger, writer, or photographer who write a truly hardworking original content creator and publish it on thousands of websites by stealing his work.

How will the Ahrefs search engine determine whether the content they are paying a creator for actually belongs to them? Thousands of knights are pirating auto-post scripts on Telegram and also giving them for free, so peoples can go and steal some hard-written blog post and post it on her blog.

How will Ahrefs catch such thieves? Spam detection is not child’s play. Google with its experience, infrastructure, and technology filters 40 billion spam pages every day. But will Ahrefs be able to deal with spam on such a large scale?

It is not as gullible as Ahrefs is considering the content creator community to be good. There are diligent and original content creators here but there is more piracy and copy-paste than them.

Google was initially a search engine but now it has become a complete ecosystem. Google is also a search engine, a browser, an email, a calendar, a video call platform, a map, a file-sharing platform, a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and entertainment platform also through YouTube. Breaking this ecosystem is not possible with just one search engine.

Launching Apple’s search engine seems reasonable because like Google, they too have their own ecosystem. Although he is not as big as Google, he is loyal and has a lot of purchasing power. Apple has its own hardware whether it is a phone, a laptop, or a tab. It has its own browser, a map, a file-sharing platform, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and Apple TV is also a source of entertainment.

He can also launch their search engine and make it successful. His market share will not be as much as Google, he will not be able to compete with Google, but he will be successful.

Ahrefs’ search engine is possible only when Google has missed something and which Google does not cover in two to three years.

This was our opinion, what do you think about the search engine of Ahrefs, definitely tell us by commenting.

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