Manisha Rani Biography, Age, Income, Family, Wiki, Net Worth, and More

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Today we are going to know about viral girl Manisha Rani. Manisha was famous for her lovely voice on TikTok long ago.

But after appearing in The Kapil Sharma Show, he has got a different identity. Manisha has also been seen in a TV show and Dance India Dance Season 5.

Who is Manisha Rani?

Manisha Rani

Manisha Rani is an Indian Social Media Influencer and YouTuber. Manisha was born on 10 June 1994 in a small village in the Munger district of Bihar. Manisha’s nickname is Lovely and her family fondly calls him by this name. Manisha’s family consists of her mom, dad, and her three sisters.

Manisha’s father has a courier office named Skyking. Manisha’s entire family loves her very much and supports her in every decision she makes. 

Manisha Rani Early Life

Manisha had confidence from the beginning because when she was doing her schooling, she had thought that she wanted to become a big actress. She used to tell this to her parents also.

Manisha has completed her schooling from Munger itself. She left her village and went to Kolkata to fulfill what she thought about during school time. He first learned dance by going to Kolkata.

Because he knew that dance is also very important to becoming an actress. After that, he took hard dance training. When she was leaving her house for Kolkata, her father was afraid to leave her alone.

Because Manisha was never alone anywhere. Manisha’s parents were scared but they had full faith in their daughter’s courage too. Manisha, who left home at the age of just 20, got selected in Dance India Dance Season 5.

She was very happy with that but still, she could not get an entry in the audition of the TV round. Nevertheless, Manisha won the hearts of all the people sitting there because of her voice. In the same audition, the clip of his voice went viral, making him quite famous.

But after that Manisha did not get work anywhere. After not getting work, she came back to her village and sat empty in her house for almost two years.

Then in the year 2018, when TikTok was trending in India, at the same time it also started uploading its videos on Tiktok. He uploaded his first video on TikTok on 10 March 2018. Not a single video of his went viral. Initially, Manisha used to make lip-sync and dance videos.

But one day when she was sitting like this, she shot a video in her own voice and that video became viral very fast. That video got 1 million views in a single night.

His voice was liked so much that along with social media stars some celebrities also started making lip-sync videos on his voice. Due to the same fame, in the year 2019, Manisha got a chance to do a serial named Gudiya. He had a small role in that serial.

Because of this, he could not get much recognition from the Gudiya serial. Soon Manisha was also removed from that serial. But here Manisha started making a splash on TikTok. Because he had 3 million followers on TikTok. But then Tik Tok got banned in India. 

After the Tiktok ban, Manisha felt that she would no longer exist on social media. Manisha felt that only then did new platforms for short videos like Instagram Reels and MX Takatak come. His video on MX Takatak and Instagram Reels went viral from the beginning.

Some people are thinking that Manisha has gone viral overnight. Even if you people are thinking that Manisha has gone viral overnight, then it is not so. Because Manisha has been struggling for a long time and went viral by showing the talent of her voice on TikTok itself.

When Manisha got a chance to speak on The Kapil Sharma Show, she created the atmosphere with her confidence and her own voice. He thought of going to The Kapil Sharma Show only because of Karthik Aryan. Because she is a big fan of Karthik Aryan.

There he got a chance to speak because Kapil Sharma gives a chance to his audience to talk to the actors and actresses who came there in every show. There was a game going on in that show in which some audience members had to speak dialogues in their own voices.

Manisha’s voice was very much liked in those dialogues. His dialogue was good, but it looked so confident that he kept laughing for a long time to all the people sitting there.

Kapil Sharma himself praised Manisha’s confidence and said Manisha, you are very interesting and funny. Sony TV also put this viral face on its own YouTube channel. Manisha was viral earlier but got a lot of recognition after appearing in The Kapil Sharma Show.

Today Manisha dominates every single platform of social media. Manisha has more than 2 million followers on Instagram. He also has a YouTube channel on which he has more than 490k subscribed years. Manisha is very fond of traveling and keeps on visiting many places.

Manisha’s dream was to go to see The Kapil Sharma Show. His dream has come true, but he also dreams of going to Bigg Boss. With her confidence and speaking style, it seems that Manisha will definitely get a chance to enter the Bigg Boss house. 

Manisha, who hails from a village in Bihar, had dreamed of becoming an actress. His dream has not yet come true. But because of his confident face, he has gained a fan following in lakhs.

All this happened because of his lovely voice. Because people have become crazy about Manisha’s voice.