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Calculating uptime is now made easier for you by whatAinfo’s Uptime Calculator. Now you can get the actual uptime of your web hosting and services by just entering the uptime percentage of your web hosting in the field given above. Example enter 99.95% in the uptime calculator field and let’s see the result.

Our Uptime Calculator tool calculates only the downtime of your host or services. Accordingly, you have to see how many days or hours your hosting is live and how many days it is down. Some information is given below, you can also read it so that you can get more information about uptime.

When we start blogging or create an application, then we have to host it somewhere so that it is always live and accessible to all visitors. That's why we have to purchase hosting and every hosting company guarantees to give us a specific uptime.

Companies only tell us that we are going to give you so much uptime. But in order to measure what this Uptime is actually like, whatAinfo has for Uptime Calculator made for you. Which will help you to calculate the uptime of your hosting and services.

You can easily find out that whatever your website or application is, how many hours or days will it be live in the whole month or in the whole year and how many hours it will be down. Down means that if someone wants to access your website at this time, then he will not be able to access it.

You can also say that your web hosting is not working or not supported at that time.

What is Uptime?

Uptime is the time your hosting server will be in working mode. Meaning that any user will request any data from your hosting server, he will keep sending that data to him in response. Uptime is counted in percentages like 99% or 99.95% something like this.

Suppose your website was 99.95% up in the whole month. So your site was 0.5% down in the whole month, meaning in a month the site 21 minutes 36 seconds was down. During this downtime, no user could access your website and obviously, you would not have earned anything during this time.

A good uptime of web hosting helps to keep your services live. If a hosting provider gives better uptime, the more your website will be live. Good uptime gives you a lot of benefits which we look at one by one. What is Downtime?

What are the Benefits of Good Uptime?

  • You get good help in SEO.
  • Get more income.
  • Get good engagement.

Why is uptime important?

I will give you an example of mine, I am also one of you even today. About 2 years ago I started my blogging journey and to save a few rupees I purchased cheap web hosting. I worked on it diligently for about 5 months and I was getting its benefits. 

By the end of 6 months, my one-day earnings used to be $7-$8. I also used to share that earning with my friends (it is a great pleasure when we start getting the benefits of our hard work) and one such day a friend of mine told me that my site is not working properly. 

When I visited the site, it was working fine. I told my friend that the site is working well and when he visited the site again, the site got loaded well in his phone too. 

But this thing disturbed me a bit, so I talked about it to my other friend who is a YouTuber. He advised me to use a Web Hosting Uptime Checker. I followed his advice and started monitoring my site on a tool. The results I got after a month were quite astonishing. 

I found that the uptime of my site was less than 80%. This means there are 24 hours in a day and our site is active in a month 24×30 = 720 hours. The uptime I got was 80% and that means my website was down 20% in the whole month. This means 720×(20/100) = 144 downtimes I got and that too in just one month. 

These results were quite shocking for me. Because if I earn even $7 in a day and if my site is down for 144 hours in a month, then I am not going to earn about 144/24 = 6 days. Meaning that 6×7 = $42 I will have a direct loss. 

Even though so many visitors did not come to my site, yet I was facing so much loss. Just think your one-month income is more than $200 to $300 then how much loss will you have? That's why good uptime is very important, the more serious you take it, then this is better for your income and for your blog.

When do you get 100% Uptime?

Many hosting companies will tell you that they will give you 100% Uptime but this is not possible. No matter how good the hosting is, you can get 100% uptime in a month but you will get to see downtime even once a year.

This is because they have to update their services, fix bugs, and new features have to be added. Poor data centers must be tired of working all year round, they should get some rest, shouldn't they?

You choose such hosting which gives you at least 99.95% Uptime. If someone talks about giving you less uptime than this, then do not buy it. The reason for this is if you want to be known, then you can enter their uptime in our Uptime Calculator tool.