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Today we will know about the fitness model Shivani Gupta. Shivani is an Indian bikini athlete as well as a certified trainer and social media influencer. She has become a big star in the Indian fitness industry today.

But there was a time when he did not even have money to buy protein. She was also a national volleyball player and was also a very good player, but due to corruption, she can not become a successful sports player.

Shivani’s parents wanted her to be an athlete, never a bikini model. How did Shivani convince her parents of the bikini competition? We will know that today as well as tell you many interesting things about his life. 

Shivani Gupta Bio/Wiki

Shivani gupta
Full NameShivani Gupta
Nick NameShivani
ProfessionBikini Athlete, Fitness model, Social media influencer.
Famous ForFitness and Bodybuilding
Age32 years
Date of Birth5 June 1989
BirthplaceDelhi, India
Zodiac SignTaurus (Vrishabha)
SchoolIndus International School
CollegeSt. Xavier’s College
Father NameSunder Gupta
Mother NameTina Gupta
Current AddressDelhi, India
Marital StatusUnmarried
BoyfriendVishal Chaudhary
Awards           MS Delhi Ymca 2019
MS Asia 2019 Bronze
MS Vijay Classic 2021
MS Asia Silver Medal 2021
Income2 Lakhs Per Month
Net Worth1 Crore

Who is Shivani Gupta?

Shivani is an Indian bikini athlete as well as a certified trainer and social media influencer. Shivani Gupta was born on 12 October 1998 in a middle-class family in Delhi. Apart from her in Shivani’s family, she has parents, a sister, and a brother.

Shivani’s preparation to become an athlete was done even before she was born. Actually, Shivani’s father wanted to become a big sportsman, but due to financial problems, he could not go much further in support. But he dreamed that if I am not right then some of my children will go ahead in sports and will fulfill this dream of mine.

Among the three siblings, Shivani was chosen by her father to fulfill her dreams. When Shivani was only 8 years old, she started training to become a volleyball player. Shivani has been working hard since a very young age, yet it has not been so easy for her to achieve success. 


Shivani Gupta's Sister
Shivani Gupta’s Sister
Shivani Gupta's Brother
Shivani Gupta’s Brother
Father NameSunder Gupta
Mother NameTina Gupta
Brother NameAkash Gupta
Sister NameSonia Gupta
SpouseNot Known

Shivani Gupta Education

Shivani completed her schooling from a private school in Delhi itself and after schooling, she did her graduation from Delhi itself. As Shivani was getting older, she was becoming a great player in volleyball.

Shivani used to perform the best game in every match, every tournament, that is why she started playing in the national team in her teenage. 

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Early Life

A few years later, Shivani was also included in the international team, but she could not go much further in the international. The reason for this was not her bad game, she was very good if she played. The reason for not including him in the team was corruption.

Shivani was 18 years old at that time, there was going to be a big international competition for which Shivani was practicing and training for 12 consecutive hours daily for two months. She was a brilliant player of the team and Shivani was sure that she would be included in the team.

But here something happened that they did not expect at all. Money was demanded from Shivani to be included in this Indian team. If you give the money to Shivani, then only you will be included in the team. Money was also demanded so much that Shivani could not afford it.

Her heart broke completely and she decided that she would give up volleyball. Shivani’s years of hard work and investment were wasted.

She was completely hopeless and helpless. There was so much confusion in my mind that it was difficult to handle herself. But time passed and with time he got the strength to bear all this. After some time Shivani joined a gym and she started going there regularly.

In which people used to work out for one hour and some for two hours, but Shivani was used to doing long workouts, that’s why she used to work out for 3 or 4 hours in the gym.

Seeing his stamina, everyone in the gym was surprised. In the same gym, Shivani met Vishal Chaudhary, a professional trainer, and bodybuilder.

He told Shivani that if you have such good stamina, use it in a good way. You prepare for the competition, you may represent India later. Shivani agreed immediately after listening to him, from here the doors of Shivani’s hopes were opened again. They started feeling that I can still fulfill my dream of representing India by working hard. 

Shivani gupta and Vishal Choudhary
Shivani Gupta and Vishal Choudhary

Shivani tells that not only did Vishal sir train me but he also motivated me a lot. I did not know anything about all this, Vishal sir taught me a lot. For this type of competition, the body needs a lot of extra protein.

But at that time Shivani did not even have money to take protein. When he told this to his coach, the coach told the source of taking protein from natural food. Completing protein from natural food is a challenge in itself. 


When Shivani’s body became fit for competition, she told her parents that I have to participate in the competition as a bikini athlete. Hearing this, Shivani’s parents said that this is very wrong, we cannot allow you to do this. Shivani also showed a bikini competition to her parents, yet they remained against it.

But Shivani had been preparing for it for a long time, how would she back down. Shivani took part in a competition hiding from her mother and father, this is from the year 2019. In this competition, Shivani was the winner and she got the gold medal. 

Shivani says that at that time I did not get the support of my parents but my coach and my sister always supported me. When Shivani went home after winning the gold medal, the atmosphere of the house changed. Everyone in the house was happy and his mother and father also understood that there is nothing wrong with this.

After this, he started getting full support from home as well. In the year 2019, she took part in some other competitions, of which she was the winner. After this Shivani played Miss Asia in which she stood third. She was a silver medalist in Miss Asia 2021. 

In 2021, she was a gold medalist in the Vijay Classic. This was the beginning of Shivani’s career and from the very beginning, she has been achieving success one after the other. Shivani has also got a certificate of Certified Professional Trainer, due to which she also works as a trainer in a gym.

Along with this, she also gives online training to people, which earns a lot. There was a time when he did not even have money to take protein. But now she continues to advertise many branded supplements. Shivani keeps uploading videos and photos of her gym on Instagram, due to which she has got a huge fan following there too.

He has more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram. On his Instagram, you will find a variety of diet charts that you can use to improve your fitness. Now Shivani Nasir is a famous bikini model but also a famous online and offline fitness trainer. Shivani also has a YouTube channel, she uploads workout videos and motivational videos. 

Shivani also trains some people for free. These are people who cannot afford paid training but work hard. 


Talk about Shivani’s relationship, she is currently single

Marital StatusUnmarried
Relationship StatusSingle
Boyfriend NameVishal Chaudhary(rumored)
Ex-Boyfriend NameNot Known

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