Shivali Thakur Biography, Age, Income, Family, Wiki, Net Worth, and More

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Today we are going to know about Shivali Thakur. Shivali is a prankster, YouTuber, creator, and model. Shivali got the first recognition from YouTube.

But when she focused on making short videos, her beauty garnered millions of fans following. There are many creators on social media but Shivali is the most unique.

Anyone who sees them becomes crazy at a glance. So that is why for the fans of Shivali, we have brought the truth of his entire life. which will surprise you. 

Shivali Thakur Biography 

Shivali Thakur

Shivali Thakur is an Indian Model, YouTuber, and Social Media Influencer. Shivali was born on 10 June 2000 in a middle-class family in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. She was definitely born in Noida but now lives in Delhi. 

Shivali Thakur pic

Shivli Thakur Education

Shivali has completed her studies till the 12th and is currently pursuing her graduation. Shivali is so cute, so it can’t be that she hasn’t got a proposal. School time Shivali got many proposals.

But he didn’t accept anyone. However, once Shivali had an attraction with his classmate. But there was a lot of problem going on in her life, that’s why she stayed away from all this.

Shivali Thakur Family

There are currently 4 people in Shivali’s family. His mother, younger brother, and younger sister. Shivali’s father was diabetic and from the year 2018, his health started deteriorating.

Due to this, his family started struggling with financial problems. That is why in the 11th class, Shivali left her studies and started working. 

Shivali Thakur career

Then came the day in the year 2019 when Shivali’s father died. His family started struggling a lot. That is why Shivali’s mother also started working.

After some time Shivali started being active on social media. Where she was asked to work in his videos by Yash Chaudhary on YouTube.

Shivali Thakur and Yash Chaudhary boyfriend

Yash Chaudhary used to make prank videos only then. Shivali agreed to work with him. She benefited immensely from working with Yash. A few days later, Shivali also made her own YouTube channel.

He got good growth from this channel created in July 2021. Due to the good pranks and the cute antics of Shivali, his channel crossed 1 lakh subscribers within a year.

Shivali also started making reel videos. She started becoming more famous on Instagram than on YouTube. Everyone gets impressed by her beauty. Whoever watches the video of Shivali gets convinced of their beauty.

He has a crush on Shivali. Shivali is not perfect but an extra-perfect girl. Seeing her glamor, no one can say what difficulties she has gone through. That’s why we said that his story might surprise you.

Shivali YouTube remains active on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube all three places. He has a good fan following everywhere. Today Shivali’s monthly income is around Rs 2 lakh.

After growing financially, Shivali did her studies after 11th. Now she is doing her graduation. Talking about the relationship between Shivali and Yash, both of them call each other their close friends.

But from their video it seems that their relationship is more than friendship. Shivali loves cooking, making videos, traveling, and dancing. Shivali has a friend whom she loves very much, his name is Cheeku.