Shirley Setia Biography, Age, Income, Family, Wiki, Net Worth, and More

Shirley is a great singer, model, and fabulous actress. Apart from her singing and acting, Shirley is also liked for her cuteness and good looks.

But do you know that Shirley wanted to become an astronaut as a child? Then how did she get into singing and acting?

How did Shirley reach Bollywood from a YouTube channel? Why did he get the name Pajama Popstar and how did the half-sleepy song make him a famous singer? We are going to know all this today.

Who is Shirley Setia?

Shirley Setia

Shirley Setia is an Indian singer, actress, and model. Shirley was born on 2 July 1995 in a Hindu family in Daman, India. Shirley’s father’s name is Raj Setia, who is a businessman. He also has a younger brother named Siyam Setia.

Shirley’s father hails from Hisar Haryana and his mother from Goa. Shirley has been dear to her parents since childhood, as well as she has also been very close to her grandparents.

Shirley did her first few years of education from Daman. But then when she was 7 years old, her entire family shifted from India to Auckland. Shirley has done her further studies in Auckland.

Then he completed his degree in Marketing and Information from Auckland University. Along with this, he also did a course in New York Film Academy acting.

Shirley Setia Early Life

Shirley was very interested in science during his school time and he understood this subject the most. That’s why Shirley used to dream of becoming an astronaut in childhood.

But then as she grew up, her dream was to become a public figure. Shirley has been singing along with her studies since school time.

His singing got a lot of support from everyone. That’s why singing became his passion. Despite living in New Zealand, Shirley liked Hindi songs more.

She used to listen to the songs of Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Mukesh, and Kishore Kumar and also used to sing their songs.

Apart from these, Shirley also liked the songs of Hilary Duff. After a while, she started thinking of becoming a big artist in singing.

Shirley gave his first singing stage performance in the year 2010-11. Where he sang Ek Tara Song from the movie Backup Sid.

Shirley had given interviews for radio jockeys on Radio Tarana, a Hindi radio station in Auckland, during his schooling.

At that time his age was very less and it takes a mature personality to grow as RJ. But that wasn’t the age Shirley wanted to become a radio jockey.

But when Shirley represented himself, everyone was surprised by his maturity. She was more mature than her age even at that low age and was attracted to his talk.

That’s why Shirley got the RJ job. Through Radio Tarana, he got a chance to meet Bollywood singer Shreya Ghoshal.

When Shreya heard Shirley’s singing, she was very impressed. He suggested Shirley upload her singing video on YouTube.

Shirley Setia Career

In the year 2013, a competition was organized on YouTube by the music company T-Series. Shirley also participated in this competition.

In this competition, he uploaded his first video at midnight by singing Tum Hi Ho Song from Aashiqui 2 Movie. This song of Shirley was very much liked and people praised her a lot in the comments.

Shirley was selected in the winner list by T-series. He himself did not expect that he would be the winner of this competition.

Later she said in an interview that I did not expect that I would go so far in this competition. Otherwise, I would post-recording and recording well without singing in half asleep.

Shirley sang this song wearing a lower. This song went viral that’s why Shirley’s fans named her Pajama Pop Star.

After the success of this song, Shirley’s confidence increased a lot and she started doing stage singing in her hometown.

Simultaneously, she started collaborating with online stars from India, UK, USA, and Canada to improve her singing. Once in the year 2015, Shirley came to India in Hyderabad where she shared a post on Facebook.

Shortly after that post, a crowd of thousands of fans gathered in front of Shirley. From here Shirley was taken out with the help of the security of the mall.

Seeing the love of people here, she was feeling very happy. After this she made her singing passion professionally and she shifted to Mumbai.

Along with this, she also started posting cover songs on her YouTube channel. Where he has been getting good responses from the audience. 

In the year 2016, Shirley was given two awards, the Big Digital Sensation Award and the Musicians of the Year Award.

Also in the same year, Forbes magazine published an article about Shirley under the name Bollywood Next Singing Sensation. It was a big achievement for Shirley.

From here he got a lot of recognition. Then in the year 2017, Shirley got a chance to debut as a singer in Bollywood. The name of the song was disco disco.

Then after this Shirley decided that now she will not go to the cover song and will focus only on the original song. Many song offers started coming to Shirley. In the year 2018, Shirley gave many songs including Koi Vi Nahi, and Naiyo Jaana Songs.

In the year 2019 also many songs of Shirley came. Ik Vaari Aa Song, which came on the T-series was very much liked. Shirley’s 4 songs were released in the year 2020 and Tere Naal Rehniya Song was also released in 2021.

People liked Shirley so much that she started getting offers to work in the film as well. Shirley’s debut film was Netflix’s Maska movie.

After this, she was cast as the lead actress in the Bollywood film Nikamma. It is an action-comedy movie. The lead actor in the movie is Abhimanyu Dasani, son of actress Bhagyashree.

Apart from this, a Telugu movie about Shirley is also coming up named Krishna Vrinda Vihari. Accessing Bollywood is never easy for an outsider.

Shirley has covered her own journey from RJ to YouTube and from YouTube to Bollywood actress. Talking about Shirley’s network, according to a report, their network is 50 crores. 

In real life, Shirley is a very flirtatious girl. Talking about her favorite food, Shirley loves to eat pizza.

Shirley also posts vlogs and dance videos on YouTube. which are very much liked. Shirley’s favorite actor is Shahrukh Khan and she definitely wants to work with Shahrukh Khan sometime.

Apart from singing, acting, and dancing, Shirley also plays guitar very well. Shirley’s favorite actress is Kareena Kapoor Khan. Shirley also loves to travel. talk