Renuka Panwar Biography, Age, Income, Family, Wiki, Net Worth, and More

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Today we are going to know about Singer Renuka Panwar. There are very few singers in India who have become so successful at such a young age.

Today every song of Renuka remains trending on YouTube and one of her songs 52 Gaj Ka Daman has crossed 1.4 billion views on just one channel.

Apart from this, many songs of Renuka have crossed hundreds of Million Views on YouTube. Apart from singing, a dance video of Renuka also went viral, which she did on her own song 52 Gaj Ka Daman. He also got a lot of fan following from that viral dance. 

Who is Renuka Panwar Biography

Renuka Panwar

Renuka Panwar is an Indian Singer. Due to her lovely voice, she has become famous all over the world at the age of 20. He is known for his super hit song 52 Gaj Ka Daman which has crossed 4 billion views on YouTube alone. Apart from this, his videos like Chatak Matak, Chhan Chhan, Lilo Chaman, Unchi Haveli, Kabootar, and Nachungi are also quite famous. Renuka Panwar was born on 29 April 2002 in a middle-class family in Khekra, a town in district Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. Renuka has been called by everyone in her family by the name Shalu since childhood. 

Renuka Panwar Family 

In Renuka’s family, she has parents and two elder brothers. One of whom is married and two are nephews. 

Renuka Panwar Early Life and Education

She has been living in Khekra town since the beginning which is almost on the border of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. That is why Renuka has a hold on both Hindi and Haryanvi languages.

Renuka has completed her schooling and is currently pursuing her BSA graduation. Renuka has been very fond of dancing and singing since childhood. She also used to perform in events held in her school.

Renuka’s family members wanted her to focus more on singing instead of dancing. She too started focusing on the same after some time. She shifted more focus from dancing to singing.

Renuka got maximum motivation for singing when she gave a singing performance in 8th or 9th class. His voice was highly praised by his teachers.

That is why Renuka also started thinking about taking her singing career forward. She says that my brother Vicky Panwar has been very supportive in bringing my singing career to this point.

Even today, all the management is done by my brother. He doesn’t let the slightest tension come on me. She says that I want every girl to get the same brother as me. Renuka got her first song only because of her brother.

Renuka Panwar Music Career

Renuka Panwar

Priyanka’s brothers are very good friends of Pradeep Sonu and Tarun Panchal. So it was through him that Renuka got a chance to record her first songs with Pradeep Sonu and Tarun Panchal.

And that song was “Sonia Soniyo”. Renuka’s first song was a big hit and it went viral on TikTok. Then Renuka was only 16 years old.

Because of the fame, she got from the very first song, Renuka started getting offers for many more songs. After this, in the month of March 2019, he had another superhit song that was Balayein.

After this Renuka started giving hit songs one after the other.

Above all this was Renuka’s 52 Gaj Ka Daman Song, which not only brought Renuka’s voice to every music lover of the country, but her viral dance video was also very much liked by the people.

But 52 Gaj Ka Daman Song has a unique story of getting to Renuka. Actually, this song’s writer is Mukesh Jaji. Renuka was already well acquainted with Mukesh Jaji and Renuka considers him as her brother.

When Renuka once went to her house, Mukesh Jaji told Renuka in the same way, I should give you a hit song like Gajban. So Renuka laughed and said yes, give it.

Renuka had no idea then that he would really give this song to Renuka. But this is what happened, he got this song recorded in Renuka’s voice which was a big hit. The real reason for its hit is that Renuka’s dance on this song is believed to be viral.

After this Renuka started getting a lot of offers from many production companies. He has given hit songs like Chatak Matak, Payal Chandi Ki, Chhan-Chan, Chhammak Challo, and Manne Babu Bol in the year 2021.

Many more songs are going to be released continuously. At the age of only 20, Renuka has reached the point of success where it remains the dream of millions of people to reach.

But Renuka does not consider this height to be her success. She says this is just a step of my success. I still have a long way to go. She is in the hearts of people with her lovely voice.

Along with this, his dance is also very much liked. Many of his fans call him Choti Sapna Choudhary. But Renuka says that there is no comparison between both of us.

Sapna ma’am is famous for her dance and I for singing. Yes, it is definitely because of dance and singing, that both of us are connected to each other.

Renuka today is known for her singing. But he has never taken any singing classes. Whatever he has learned, he has learned by listening to the songs.

Although she has always taken inspiration from Jubin Nautiyal and Shreya Ghoshal. They are also Renuka’s favorite Bollywood singers. Sapna Choudhary has danced and acted on many songs of Renuka.

Renuka says Sapna ma’am is very down-to-earth and sweet. He tells Renuka that whenever I have a daughter, I want her to be like you. Sapna loves Renuka very much.

Renuka’s favorite Punjabi singer is B Praak. Renuka always wanted to work with B Praak. His dream has come true. Soon B Prak and Renuka are going to be seen singing songs together.

His language catching power is very good. Apart from Haryanvi and Hindi, she also sings songs in Punjabi, Bengali, and Tamil languages.

She had absolutely no idea of ​​the love got after 52 Gaj Ka Daaman Song. She was surprised to see the success of this song and its fame.

Renuka says that I always ask for only one wish, that the love of the people I am getting today should always remain and keep increasing.

Renuka’s dance performed on DJ on 52 Gaj Ka Daman Song which went viral was shot by her brother. She says that her brother often uploads something on YouTube.

He also uploaded that video. His channel had only 184 subscribers when he uploaded the video. We were making fun of him, but as soon as the video went viral, the subscriber count started growing very fast.

With this, not only on YouTube, but Renuka’s Instagram also got millions of fan followings. After this song went viral, Renuka’s relatives were called and told Renuka’s family members that Renuka’s song is playing here.

She says that my relatives are also very proud of my success. When those people go to a party etc. and there is her song being played, they say it is my daughter’s song.

She says about Mukesh Jaji that he is a very talented and kind-hearted person. Talking about his favorite food, he likes to eat fast food like Maggi Chowmein Momos.

Along with this, she likes home food in which curry rice is the best. Renuka gets offers from small and big musical productions. She says I work with everyone.

Whether it is a small production or a big one, she listens to their lyrics and if she sees any deficiency in the lyrics, then she gets the song done by changing it.

Renuka wants her to sing a Bollywood song and do a duet with her favorite singer, Jubin Nautiyal.