Divya Khosla Kumar Biography, Age, Income, Family, Wiki, Net Worth, and More

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Today we will know about actress, producer, and director Divya Khosla Kumar.

She came to Mumbai as a struggler but today she is the owner of the industry’s biggest production house T-series. 

Divya Khosla Kumar

Divya Khosla Kumar

Divya Khosla Kumar is an Indian actress, director, and producer. Divya married T-series owner Bhushan Kumar in 2005. Which is India’s largest music and film production company. Divya has directed many advertisements, songs, and movies. Along with this, he has also worked in music videos and some films. Divya was born on 27 November 1981 in a middle-class family in Delhi. 

Divya Khosla Kumar Early Life and Education

Divya’s mother is a teacher and her father owned a printing press. Divya has done her schooling from Delhi itself. He has completed his B.Com from Janki Devi Memorial College, Delhi.

She loved acting since childhood and her dream was to become an actress. But Divya’s family members did not support her in acting or modeling.

Even Divya’s family members did not like watching Divya’s movie. Divya started taking modeling assignments during her college.

Divya Khosla Kumar Career

Divya Khosla Kumar 1

In the year 2000, Divya got a chance to do a video. Divya was seen for the first time in an album by Falguni Pathak whose song ‘Aiyo Rama Hath Se Dil Kho Gaya’ came out.

Then gradually when modeling assignments started coming in more, Divya came from Delhi and started living in Mumbai. Divya started her struggle from here.

During this time he got a chance to work in a music video. Whose title was ‘Zid Na Karo Ye Dil Ka Mamla Hai’. This song was from Kunal Ganjawala and in this music video, his co-actor was Salman Khan.

With this song, Divya Khosla got recognition in the Bollywood industry. After this, he acted in another music video which was by Abhijit Bhattacharya. Whose title was ‘Kabhi Yaadon Mein Aao’.

This song became very popular. Divya gave many auditions in Mumbai but she had to face more and more rejections. Divya became a little popular with her music videos.

On the basis of these music videos, Divya got a film. This movie was a Telugu movie named Love Today. 

How did Divya Khosla Kumar and Bhushan Kumari meet?

After working in this film, Divya did not take much time and soon she got a chance to work in a Bollywood film. The name of that film was ‘Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathis’.

In which he got a chance to work with Big Star Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan. This film was made by director Anil Sharma and he was the producer of this film.

There was a music meeting for this film which was held in the house of director Anil Sharma. Divya also went there for this. Film and music producer Gulshan Kumar’s son Bhushan Kumar was working on this music.

It was during the same meeting that Bhushan Kumar and Divya Khosla first met. Bhushan Kumar fell in love with Divya Khosla at first sight. During this film, there were talks between Bhushan and Divya.

Then Divya and Bhushan started talking on the messages. But in Divya’s mind, Bhushan Kumar, who is such a big name in the industry, may be from such a big family. So it will definitely not be good.

That is why Divya Khosla distanced herself from Bhushan Kumar for some time. Bhushan could not understand why Divya was doing this.

Then Bhushan sent his relative to Divya’s house. He went to Divya and said Bhushan likes you very much.

It was then that Divya realized that Bhushan was serious about her. From there the affair of both started. Bhushan Kumar’s sister was married in Delhi.

At that time he had invited Divya’s entire family. There the family of Divya and Bhushan Kumar met. In the same marriage, the date of marriage of Divya and Bhushan was finalized.

In December 2004, Divya’s film ‘Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo’ was released but the film proved to be a flop.

In February 2005, Bhushan and Divya went to Vaishno Devi temple and had a simple marriage with each other. This was followed by receptions in Mumbai and Delhi.

After marrying Bhushan Kumar, Divya suddenly became one of the biggest names in the film industry. But after marrying into this family, she became a part of the big family in this industry.

Bhushan Kumar’s father i.e. Gulshan Kumar had left behind a big responsibility which his son Bhushan Kumar started handling at a very young age.

Divya Khosla found this thing of Bhushan Kumar most impressive. Divya and Bhushan Kumar have a son named Rohan.

Divya Khosla Kumar with son Ruhan

Divya Khosla has only done ad shoots, music videos, and a film before. His single flop film changed his whole life. Earlier it happened only with Twinkle Khanna when her Mela film proved to be a flop.

She got married to Big Star Akshay Kumar and became a big name in the industry. After marrying Bhushan Kumar, Divya did not need to take much effort on acting and struggle.

Then Divya changed her mind and made his interest in direction. After that, she took a course in cinematography and direction from an institute in Mumbai.

She also started directing music videos for Bhushan Kumar’s label T-series. She first directed a music video for ‘Agam Nigam’. Agam Nigam who is the father of Sonu Nigam.

This video got excellent reviews. Then after that Divya directed videos for Tulsi Kumar and also for other labels of the T-Series.

Divya Khosla Kumar Direction Career

Divya had directed about 20 videos and then Divya Khosla got confident that now she could do the film. But in this, she needed Bhushan Kumar’s help.

Divya told Bhushan Kumar that I want a gift. Bhushan Kumar said that his budget is 5 to 10 crores only. Then Divya asked for a gift from Bhushan Kumar that I have to direct a film.

Then Bhushan Kumar gave Divya a chance to direct the film ‘Yaariyan’. From here Divya started the journey of direction. Then Divya directed the film Sanam Re after the film Yaariyan.

Which was released in the year 2016. After that Divya produced many films like Ranbir Kapoor’s Roy in 2015, Batla House, Khandani Shafakhana, Mar Jawa, and Ludo.

After this Divya proved to be a good director and producer. Where Divya’s family members did not allow her to watch the film, today she has become a big name in the industry.

Divya Khosla was doing music videos and at the same time, she thought of getting her film career back on track. She did his last acting film with Akshay Kumar in Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo.

After this, she worked with John Abraham in the movie Satyamev Jayate 2. But this movie also proved to be a flop. 

If we talk about Divya’s music videos, then on 2 February 2016, the song ‘Humne Pee Rakhi Hai’ was released.

After that his song ‘Kabhi Yaadon Mein Aao’ came on 27 January 2017, ‘Bewafa’ on 20 November 2020, ‘Teri Aankhon Mein’ on 30 August 2021 and then ‘Meri Zindagi Hai Tu’ which came on 28 October 2021.

On 24 May 2022, she also had a music video titled ‘Designer’. On 16 November 2019, one of his music videos ‘Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi’ proved to be a huge hit. This increased their popularity even more.

Divya says that I have learned a lot from the direction. Divya believes that unless you work hard on the sets, you cannot reach anywhere.

During the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Sonu Nigam posted an Instagram video, in which he accused Bhushan Kumar of maligning Sushant’s image and not giving him a chance to promote new talent.

In response to that post, Divya also posted a video on her Instagram account. In which she gave a befitting reply to Sonu Nigam of Thankless.