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You must be hearing the name Farmani Naaz a lot these days, which is very trending on social media.

When Farmani sang Har Har Shambhu Bhajan, a huge controversy arose over it.

Apart from all this, for many days it could not be proved who wrote Har Har Shambhu Bhajan.

Farmani Naaz Biography / Wiki

Farmani Naaz

Farmani Naaz is an Indian Singer, Lyricist, YouTuber, and Social Media Influencer. Farmani Naaz was born in Mohammadpur Mafi village of Muzaffarnagar of Uttar Pradesh. In his family, she has his parents, a brother, and Farmani’s son named Arsh. Farmani’s father’s name is Mohammad Arif and his mother’s name is Fatima. 

Srinidhi Shetty Wiki / Biography

Real NameFarmani Naaz
Nick NameFarmani Naaz
ProfessionSinger, YouTuber, Social Media Influencer
Date of Birth1994
Age (as of 2022)28 Years
BirthplaceMohammadpur Mafi, Uttar Pradesh
Home TownMohammadpur Mafi, Uttar Pradesh
Zodiac SignNot Known
SchoolGovernment School, Mohammadpur
Net WorthINR 50 Lakhs
Monthly EarningINR 1 to 5 lakhs (approx)

Farmani Naaz Early Life and Education

She has been fond of singing since childhood. Often she used to sing songs in her school. But singing is not encouraged in Islam. Because of this, Farmani had to give up this hobby.

Farmani did her schooling at a government school in her village itself. She has just completed his studies till 8th standard. His parents did not have enough money to teach him further.

That is why he fixed Farmani’s marriage. On 25 March 2018, she married a boy named Imran from Meerut. There was always a sourness in the relationship between Farmani and her husband.

Farmani says that it was because her husband was having an affair with some. A year later, Farmani gave birth to a son named Arsh.

As soon as she gave birth to a son, a mountain of sorrow broke into the life of Farmani Naaz. Farmani’s son fell ill as soon as he was born. He was unable to drink his mother’s milk.

When he showed it to the doctor, the doctor said that his son’s nose and throat tube are the same. Because of this, he is not able to drink his milk.

For Arsh’s treatment, the doctor told Farmani the cost in lakhs of rupees. Farmani says that after this her husband and in-laws started harassing her.

Finally one day he was thrown out of the house. Farmani had become homeless and helpless; she had to come to her maternal home in Muzaffarnagar. Farmani says that in the meantime her husband got married again.

The condition of Farmani’s maternal house was very bad. His brothers used to work as laborers so that they could have food for only two times in their house.

Farmani also came there and started working so that she could get her son treated. But still, Farmani was fond of humming the song. She often used to sing while working.

Farmani Naaz Career

His uncle’s son saw him singing a song. Whose name is Bhura, whom you must know, who is very famous for playing Dholak on social media. There is also Ashu Bachchan, a well-known tabla player from this area.

Which gives music to the songs of small artists of the village. Give them a chance to sing. One day when Ashu Bachchan’s group came to Farmani’s village, Bhura told them about Farmani Naaz which my sister sings very well.

When Ashu Bachchan met Farmani Naaz, he was thrilled to hear his song. After this, he said that from now on you would sing on YouTube.

Then Farmani started singing on YouTube and Ashu Bachchan’s team started giving tunes on it. It was from here that Ashu Bachchan became the guru of Farmani.

Ashu Bachchan started uploading Farmani’s songs on his YouTube channel. Due to this Farmani became a small identity on social media.

Later, Farmani started his own YouTube channel. Then his uncle’s son used to play dholak and used to sing with him.

Gradually everyone started liking their pair. People started knowing him more since Farmani got an entry into Indian Idol. When she performed her song there, she became an overnight star there.

Then he left that show midway. Because his son’s health had become very bad. Farmani left the show but became very famous from there. After a few days, his son’s health also improved.

Now he is absolutely fine because later his child was treated free of cost by the government. Farmani Naaz’s mentor Ashu Bachchan left no stone unturned to pursue her. For the career of Farmani, Ashu Bachchan always kept joining Farmani with big artists.

Farmani Naaz has sung a song with Bollywood’s famous playback singer Kumar Sanu. When Farmani sang Har Har Shambhu Bhajan, people created controversy regarding this song.

After his hymn was uploaded, some Muslim clerics called it anti-Islamic. Farmani posted the song on his YouTube channel on July 24. 

He said that it is un-Islamic according to Sharia law. Farmani Naaz sings all kinds of songs. She says I don’t care about all this. Because an artist has no religion or caste.

Nor does it have anything to do with him. Because the religion of a singer is to respect his art. He said that when I was starving, I was thrown out of my in-laws’ house, and my child’s condition was very bad.

Then where were all these clerics? The matter does not end here only. Another controversy related to these is going on in a lot of discussions. 

Farmani Naaz claims that the hymn Har Har Shambhu belongs to her. But this is not true. Actually, Jeetu Sharma has written this hymn.

It is sung by Jeetu Sharma and Abhilipsa Panda. So this bhajan is from the original Jitu Sharma and Abhilipsa Panda. But there is no fault of Farmani Naaz in this.

She is not much educated, that’s why she does not have knowledge of all these. Farmani is a Naaz singer who reached the stage of Indian Idol to make her mark and get success. But fate probably had something else in mind.

Then he had to leave in the middle. But what if Farmani Naaz did not complete her Indian Idol journey? Her intentions remained high even after that, so she slowly moved towards success.

Today she is a well-known social media singer and popular YouTube creator. Now she doesn’t need the introduction of his identity.

He has more than 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Where she earns much good, also by singing songs she earns better.